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What’s the difference between pausing my meal plan and skipping a week?

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Am I stuck staying on the Tovala Meal meal plan?

  • Not at all! You can skip a week, pause, or cancel your meal plan at any time!

Will I get penalized for pausing or canceling?

  • No more than just missing out on some great meals!

What’s the difference between pausing and skipping?

  • Pausing = stopping your weekly meal deliveries indefinitely
    • You can “unpause” your meal plan when you’re ready. This option is only available to customers who did not purchase a Tovala Steam Oven with a meal commitment.
  • Skipping a week = exactly what it sounds like
    • You won’t receive meals for the week you choose to skip and then your meal plan will become active again on its own the week after your “skipped week”. No action is required on your end to start receiving meals again.
    • This is not a way to indefinitely stop receiving meals.

What does it mean to cancel?

  • When you cancel, we remove you from our active customers list, delete knowledge of which meal plan you were on, and stop contacting you about upcoming meals. 

How do I skip, pause, and/or cancel?

  • To skip a week of meals in the Tovala App, open your app, go to Order at the bottom of the screen, and select “Update/Skip”. 


  • If you want to pause or cancel, go into your account’s settings and go to your Meal Plan.

  • You must “Skip,” “Pause”, or “Cancel” meals the WEDNESDAY BEFORE you’re scheduled to receive them.

When do I have to skip, pause, and/or cancel by?

  • You select meals by our Wednesday at 6 p.m. CT deadline, and then you’ll receive these meals about a week later (Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of the following week, depending on where you live).
  • If you don’t want to receive meals for a week, you must skip, pause, or cancel by Wednesday at 6 p.m. CT deadline the WEEK BEFORE. 

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