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What Is Lazy Keto? How-To & Food List

What Is Lazy Keto? How-To & Food List

  • October 15, 2021
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There are so many different versions of the keto diet that it’s easy to get mixed up. Some require lots of tracking and counting, others not so much. Where does the lazy keto diet fit on the spectrum, then? Let’s learn how to do lazy keto, and what items fit on a lazy keto food list.

What Is Lazy Keto?

While other versions of keto may require tracking a variety of macros, a lazy keto meal plan only requires that you track net carbs.

How many carbs can you have on lazy keto, though? You can use a personalized macro calculator to determine how many carbs you need to consume every day — then, just stay under that limit. (Usually between 20-50 grams per day.)

What’s the difference between dirty keto vs lazy keto?

The difference between lazy and dirty keto is so subtle that some people mistake them as the same thing.

On dirty keto, you can eat anything that fits your macros (including processed foods) — but you’ll still count fat and protein macros.

A lazy keto diet allows you to eat a variety of foods, as “clean” or “dirty” as you choose. The only rule is that you keep track of net carbs.

What is the difference between strict keto and lazy keto?

A strict keto diet requires you to count all macros and eat whole, unprocessed foods.

With the “lazy” approach, you can enjoy natural foods as well — you’ll just stick to counting net carbs only.

What is lazy keto, and how does it compare to other kinds of keto? Take a look at this simple breakdown.image

How To Follow A Lazy Keto Diet

Wondering about the best way to do lazy keto? Here are some general guidelines:

  • Determine your lazy keto net carbs limit with a macro calculator
  • Read labels to determine the number of net carbs in your food
  • Eat when you feel hungry and stop when you feel full
  • Try to eat cleaner, more natural keto foods when possible
  • Don’t worry too much about daily food choices, but pay attention to your eating habits and make changes if you start to gain weight or lose energy

Plus, beware of common pitfalls to this lifestyle such as keto flu and stalling on your diet. Planning ahead can help you prepare and troubleshoot if these issues arise.

Lazy Keto Benefits & Drawbacks

The lazy approach to keto has several advantages:

  • More convenience
  • Less counting and tracking
  • May be more sustainable

However, this kind of diet also has drawbacks:

  • May unknowingly consume more calories and get kicked out of ketosis or face a weight loss stall
  • Eating “dirty” foods could affect energy levels and results
  • May be difficult lifestyle for beginners to adopt

Is lazy keto safe?

The “lazy” kind of keto is as safe as any other kind of keto diet. Like other approaches to low carb living, though, you will most likely get better results from eating cleaner, nutrient-dense foods.

This lazy keto food list is the perfect starting point for starting a lazy keto diet.image

Lazy Keto Food List

Yes, the lazy approach to keto can include “dirty” and processed foods — but you can also eat clean! This lazy keto diet food list goes over the cleaner options you can enjoy, plus dirty ones to enjoy on rare occasions.

Clean lazy keto foods:

“Dirty” lazy keto food list:

  • Keto fast food
  • Low carb convenience meals
  • Drive-through coffee drinks
  • Low carb foods with added starch, sugar, or artificial ingredients

For more comprehensive lists, take a look at the full keto food list and keto grocery list. And, you can make thousands of keto recipes, too. You can enjoy all of these clean foods on a lazy keto diet!

Conclusion: Is Lazy Keto Effective?

Like other kinds of keto diets, the “lazy” way works with the right approach. Try to enjoy less-processed foods, keep an eye on portions, and prepare recipes with clean ingredients to get the maximum benefits!

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