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What is ketosis? – LighterLife

  • November 21, 2020
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Don’t dismiss keto diets as just another craze. Done properly – as with our Total TDR – they’re safe, quick and really work. Heck, they even stop you feeling hungry.

When you eat more than you need, you store the excess as fat and gain weight. Eat less than you need, your body tucks into its energy stores to fill the gap and you lose weight.

On a weight-loss diet, while you continue to use the food you eat that day for energy, the whole point is that this energy is not enough to live off, so you have to turn to your fat stores.

On LighterLife Total, you’ll burn fat at a rate of about a stone a month. While most of your body runs happily on fat, your brain has a protective barrier that fats can’t cross, so your liver converts some fats into chemicals that are allowed in, called ketones (hence ‘ketosis’), which become your brain’s main source of energy.

You can expect to be in ketosis between days 3 – 5 if following the Total plan.


  • No physical hunger pangs – when you’re in ketosis, any hunger you experience is ‘in your head’, driven by your thoughts and feelings. You find out how to manage this in our Xpress meetings and CBT mindfulness groups,
  • Fast weight loss – going keto shreds excess pounds as quickly as gastric banding and far faster than an ordinary diet.
  • Safe, natural process – research going back to the mid-1960s shows ketosis is a normal, protective state that has evolved to ensure a secure fuel supply to our brain when food is scarce. It actively conserves muscle too, with fat comprising the bulk of weight lost; it even boosts mood and wellbeing.
  • Beneficial to health – research is ongoing into ketogenic diets’ potential for managing health conditions, ranging from polycystic ovary syndrome and acne to neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis.



It’s no wonder ketones have been dubbed ‘the perfect fuel for dieters’ by one of the world’s leading low-carb authorities, Dr Jeff Volek of Ohio State University. The rapid weight loss and improved mood you get in ketosis create an ideal environment for working on the mindset changes vital for managing your weight in the long-term. Our clients rave about the relief they feel when they switch to our ketogenic Total plan and press the pause button on ‘conventional’ eating, giving themselves the best chance of creating a new relationship with food. The bottom line? It’s the eating plan that really does deliver a fat lot of good.

So, in short, on Total any hunger you do notice is likely to be about what’s happening in your head not what’s going into your mouth – which is what you explore in Xpress meetings.

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