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The easy way to lose weight
Weight Loss – Joy Bauer

Weight Loss – Joy Bauer

  • September 28, 2021
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By making smart choices and knowing the strategies for success, you can lose weight and keep it off for good.

thumb_2175_content_mainLosing weight starts with healthy eating: making better food choices at every meal and snack. In this section, you’ll learn the basics of a low-calorie meal plan, how to jump-start your metabolism, and how to drop a few pounds in a quick and healthy way. Discover my best tricks for losing weight — and plotting your own path to good health.

Love bagels but trying to cut carbs? Give my Skinny Cinnamon Raisin Bagels a taste. Learn more.

Need to jump start your diet after getting off track? Try my One-Day Detox plan. Learn more.

Another year, another set of promises. Use these handy hacks to ensure that this is the year they finally stick! Read more.

Add zing to your favorite sandwiches and burgers with these scrumptious spreads. Read more.

Learn all the fun and flavorful ways you can enjoy the delicious options on the non-starchy vegetable list. Read more.

Want to get in tip-top shape quickly? This guide will help get you there.

How often should you weigh yourself? The answer really depends on your personality. Read more.

How many calories do you need to eat to lose weight? Use this simple equation to figure out. Learn more.

What diet is the best? Find out which plan will help you take off those extra pounds. Learn more.

Intermittent fasting—going a period of time eating little to no food—can certainly help you cut calories, but is it right for you?

I’m proud to announce my new PBS show, From Junk Food to Joy Food, along with a special project I’ve been brewing to raise money for PBS and simultaneously help you transform your lifestyle. Learn more.

Gregg McBride lost 250 pounds, but gained a whole lot more. Find out how he got his “swagger” back!

Scale not budging? Try these effective tips.

Do you turn to food when dealing with stress, anger, or other emotions that are too difficult or painful to address head-on? Instead of numbing yourself with food, try these tips.

Are you in tune with your internal appetite cues? Learn how to listen to your body and take control of your hunger.

One of the worst patterns a dieter can fall into is negative self-talk. Find out how an attitude adjustment can give your weight loss a boost.

If you’re looking for ways to control your portion sizes, a kitchen scale is a great investment. It’s the most accurate way to gauge how many calories you’re taking in, and it helps you learn how to eyeball appropriate portions.

Catherine Katz struggled with her weight when she moved to the U.S., but managed to find a way to balance her love of cooking with eating nutrious food. Learn about her journey and get her Harvest Apple Cake recipe!

To weigh or not to weigh, that is the question… Find out whether a daily weight check-in helps or hinders your weight loss efforts.

Whether it’s your thighs, belly, orarms, most of us have body parts we’d love to make over. Find out if spot-reducing is an option.

One of my favorite weight-loss tools takes the focus off of what you eat and puts it squarely on how much you eat. It’s called the hunger scale, and all it requires is that you rate your hunger before, during and after eating.

Modern conveniences may help simplify life, but they also make staying active difficult. Before formal exercise training became popular, people stayed in shape simply by moving more throughout the day. Remember, the little things you do to improve your fitness level really do add up.

Want to lose weight? Boost your energy? Or simply feel better? I’ve got you covered with my Diet Cleanse. Check out the details, click here.

My Diet Cleanse focuses on only four things. I say “only” four things to show you just how do-able this is, but don’t be fooled. These four things have the ability to make a HUGE impact on your health, energy level and waistline.It may be tough to give up the four diet categories at first, but I promise to […]

Looking to cut calories? This surprising decorating trick may help your diet! Learn more.

Our metabolism naturally slows down as we get older, but these 4 steps can help. Optimize your daily calorie burn!

Look smashing and slim at your next special occasion with these fat-blasting tips. Follow these 9 simple weight-loss steps.

There are plenty of extra steps you can take to increase your chances of weight-loss success. Discover unexpected tips for dropping pounds.

Looking for creative nibbles to enhance your weight loss efforts? Give these 12 tasty, diet-friendly foods a try!

Looking to increase your chances of weight-loss success? Boost your metabolism with these tricks

In “The Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan, and Inspiration,” I share effective weight loss tricks from my most successful dieters. Give these effective strategies a try.

Here are unique diet and exercise tips that really work, straight from the real-life success stories in my book, “The Joy Fit Club.” Get started today!

Could you be derailing your diet without even knowing it? Here are eight healthy foods that can actually make you gain weight. Check out my tips for how to replace them with lower-calorie options.

While no one food can flatten a flabby belly, there are some strategic nibbles that can help reduce bloat. Here’s how to get in swimsuit shape by summertime.

Looking for creative and slimming ways to fulfill your New Year’s resolution or shed unwanted holiday padding? Here are 10 tasty bites that will help you stay full and satisfied while enhancing your weight loss efforts.

Want to lose weight? Boost your energy? Or simply feel better? I’ve got you covered with my Diet Cleanse. To learn more, click here

Want to lose weight? Boost your energy? Or simply feel better in the New Year? I’ve got you covered with my Diet Cleanse. I’ll be launching the plan on NBC’s Today show on January 4th. For a sneak peek at a list of Foods to Choose, click here

Check out these four simple swaps that do double duty: help you slash your calories and carbs. Score! Learn More

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