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Weight loss injections: what is the cost?

Weight loss injections: what is the cost?

  • September 26, 2021
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Is your stubborn belly fat weighing you down? There’s only so much that diet, exercise, and medication can do to help you get the results you want. The good news is battling the bulge is now easier with weight loss injections! Read on to find out more about how they work, their cost, and where to get them.

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All About Weight Loss Injections

These days, there are tons of options to treat the rising problem of obesity, but are any of them actually effective? Recently approved by the FDA, slimming injections break down fat by targeting specific areas in the body – and the results are impressive! Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the most popular weight loss shots available in Australia.

Person injecting themself with an insulin pen



Derived from the diabetic injection Victoza, Novo Nordisk manufactured Saxenda for people who struggle with weight loss and other chronic obesity-related diseases. These hormone injections work as an appetite suppressant, allowing you to keep food in the stomach for much longer. Over time, cravings decrease and you get an increased feeling of fullness!

How does it work?

Saxenda’s active ingredient is liraglutide: a synthesised version of the compounds found in our digestive system. Our gut produces a hormone called glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1) to let us know when we’re hungry or full. Every time we eat, our insulin levels spike and signal the body to start digestion.

How to use your Saxenda weight loss injections

With the use of a weight loss needle, you self-administer a daily injection – similar to an insulin shot. Once injected, the body produces more adenosine monophosphate, balancing out glucose levels and slowing down the breakdown of food. After a few months of use, you should start seeing some serious results!

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Is it effective?

Saxenda has proven to be the most effective injectable option out there! Clinical trials on 3,731 patients revealed that 85% reported significant weight loss. The one-year study shows that up to 63% of the subjects lost 5% of their weight, while 33% lost over 10%. You can further improve results by including a healthy diet and regular exercise into your regimen.

A before after of a middle aged woman who has left weight


What are the side effects?

Despite being proven to aid in fat loss, there are some negative effects to keep in mind. The most common issues to watch out for are nausea, headaches, fatigue, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, and an upset stomach. Keep in mind that you must follow the dosing schedule to lessen side effects along with the risk of thyroid tumours and pancreatic cancer.

What is the cost?

Weight loss injections cost a lot since they aren’t covered by insurance or healthcare. You can get your money’s worth if you order online and get a pack of five for AUD$387 that should last you about a month. But don’t forget to get a prescription from your doctor first! There are precautions that you need to consider before usage, so make sure you’re in the clear with your health provider to avoid complications.

B12 Injections & Lipotropic Shots

This is a more direct approach to taking your vitamin supplements! Online reviews claim that vitamin injections are beneficial and can help you feel rejuvenated. You can choose between pure B12 or a mix of lipotropic amino acids including Choline, L-Carnitine, Vitamin C, and essential B-complex vitamins.

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How Does It Work?

With B12 injections, the nutrients go directly into the bloodstream to boost your mood, metabolism, immune system, and overall well-being. The active ingredients also speed up the breaking down of fat in the liver. We recommend doing the injections in the arms or other fatty areas like the thighs, belly, and butt. If you’re on a weight loss journey, you can even make it a regular part of your weekly self-care routine!

B12 Injections: What Are They For?

Is It Effective?

Our body absorbs nutrients from the food we eat, and sometimes we don’t get enough depending on our diet. If you have a B12 deficiency or anemia, you may experience higher energy levels after just a few sessions. But if your body has sufficient vitamin stores, it will flush the excess down the toilet when you pee.

So far, the ongoing clinical trials for vitamin injections are inconclusive, so some doctors believe they could be placebos. However, that hasn’t stopped the health trend from becoming more popular among patients!

What Are The Side Effects?

Since it’s organic, is there no need to panic? While pure B12 injections are perfectly safe, other weight loss injections may contain substances that you might be allergic to. This could cause adverse reactions like hives, rashes, dizziness, and fatigue. Although you don’t need a prescription to try it out for yourself, we recommend that you inquire with your trusted clinic before getting the procedure.

A man scratching a rash on his skin caused by hives


What Is The Cost?

You can get them over-the-counter at your local pharmacy or online for under AUD$10 each. There are lots of wellness clinics and medspas that offer vitamin injection services. Just make sure they have the proper facilities and physicians to administer them safely. You can visit the Infusion Clinic in Melbourne to book your appointment!

Give It A Shot

Thanks to modern medicine, we have better chances of turning our fitness dreams into reality! Just remember that these fat burning solutions won’t be as effective unless you use them in combination with healthy eating and physical activities.

Now it’s time to go from fat to fit! You may not reach your goals overnight, but you’ll notice some progress and improvements with regular use of weight loss injections. It’s never too late to lose some weight, so don’t be afraid to give it your best shot!

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