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The easy way to lose weight
Weight loss: 5 delicious smoothie recipes to get rid of belly fat fast

Weight loss: 5 delicious smoothie recipes to get rid of belly fat fast

  • February 19, 2021
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Are you on a weight loss diet but still not able to get rid of belly fat? Have you been skipping meals to get rid of extra kilos? Wait! You are actually doing it all wrong. The term weight loss is often misunderstood. It is not about losing weight but to lose unwanted body fat in a healthy way. You would now be wondering what exactly is unwanted body fat? Well, it is the extra kilos or the belly fat which is extremely hard to get rid of. But, did you know following a healthy and nutritious diet, rather than just skipping meals is the only effective and faster way to do it? Yes. According to the dieticians, to lose weight effectively, one must follow a healthy diet and a better lifestyle. Keeping the body hydrated is key when it comes to weight loss. When you keep yourself hydrated, you actually help your body to function well and keep the metabolism rate constant. But, you just can’t mix anything and everything and have it. You must know what is good for your body and what is harmful when you are trying to shed kilos. Starting your day with a smoothie bowl or a glass of freshly made smoothie can be a good option to kick-start your day as it enhances your metabolism and helps you in weight loss. All you need is a blender and a bunch of fresh veggies and fruits…. and voila! you have your healthy breakfast ready. Also Read – Prorganiq’s 30 Day Mega Fat Burner Will Help You Lose Weight Naturally

You must be now thinking if smoothies actually are that effective in weight loss. Let’s understand why we want you to opt for a glass of smoothie the first thing in the morning instead of a plate full of carbs for breakfast. Also Read – Weight loss diet: How to use coconut oil to reduce belly fat

Smoothies are packed with the goodness of raw and pure veggies and fruits which contain essential nutrients that your body requires throughout the day. It’s easy to make and keeps you fuller for a longer time. You can actually put greens and herbs in one jar and make a yummy smoothie. Also Read – 5 foods you must avoid at night to lose weight

According to the studies it has been found that in outpatient medically-monitored programs, meal replacements in liquid forms, such as protein-fruit-vegetable shakes, are beneficial for weight loss. Motivated enough? Now check out our list of some of the great smoothies for fast weight loss. You can also play around with the ingredients but never forget to keep in mind that you are making a healthy smoothie for yourself to get rid of the extra kilos that you have gained over the years. without any further adieu let’s get started with the yummy and easy recipes.

Matcha Tea Fat Burning Smoothie

Matcha tea or the Japanese secret recipe for effective weight loss has become very famous worldwide among the ones who really love to take care of their health. There is a proper way to make this yummy elixir but did you know making a smoothie using Matcha green tea can actually help you get rid of the belly fat? Try our recipe to boost your metabolism and let us know how do you feel about it.

Ingredients You Need:

1. Matcha green tea (get the 100% pure ones)

2. Slices of a fully ripe banana (fresh preferred)

3. Almond or fat-free skimmed milk

4. Chia seeds

5. Flax seeds

6. Few drops of vanilla extracts for some added flavour (Optional)

Instructions To Make It

Take a blender and put all the ingredients listed above, blend everything well. Now pour the smoothie in a glass and top it up with some extra chia seeds. Voila… your yummy fat-burning smoothie is ready. You can also use other vegan options of milk and other fruits to enhance the flavour. Remember – you can always play around with your ingredients keeping in mind they are all healthy.

Fat Burning Green Smoothie

Coming to the second delicious fat-burning smoothie recipe, we want you to try one of the most preferred smoothies – a green smoothie. It’s actually our favorite too. Green smoothie – the name suggests the presence of greens in this smoothie. Here’s the recipe for you all.

Ingredients You Need:

1. Almond milk or low-fat skimmed milk

2. Overnight rolled oats and chia seeds soaked in water

3. Cinnamon (for some added flavour)

4. Riped bananas

5. Avocados (excellent source of good fat)

6. Maple syrup or organic raw honey

7. Spinach (Baby spinach preferred)

8. Flax seeds

Instructions To Make It

Add all the ingredients to a mixer and blend everything well. Make sure to add a spoon of raw organic honey as this will enhance the taste of your green smoothie. Top it up with some extra chia seeds and here is your delicious, healthy smoothie ready to drink. This is one of the best fat-burning drinks to have in your breakfast. Also, you can actually have this smoothie for your breakfast if you are struggling with skin problems. The greens will help your body get rid of the toxins and will give you glowing skin.

Almond Milk Chia Smoothie For Weight Loss

Do you have a sweet tooth? Try this yummy smoothie recipe. Almond milk has several health benefits. It especially helps you in effective weight loss. Here’s one smoothie recipe for you which you can have for your breakfast and get rid of the extra kilos.

Ingredients You Need:

1. Almond milk

2. Chia seeds (Excellent source of omega-3)

3. Ripped banana

4. Cacao powder (for some added chocolaty flavor)

5. Some almond flakes (roasted)

6. Shredded dark chocolates

Instructions To Make It

Grab a blender and put all the ingredients into it (except rooted almond flakes – save them for garnishing). Now mix everything well and blend it till the time you get that smooth and chocolaty texture. Pour it in a glass, now top it with some shredded dark chocolate and roasted almonds. Voila… your delicious weight loss drink is ready.

Avocado And Berries Smoothie For Belly Fat

We have already discussed the benefits of avocados, it’s one of the best sources of good fat and you should add it to your diet. What else? make a smoothie out of it. Yes, try our most favorite berry blast recipe and get rid of belly fat.

Ingredients You Need:

1. Half avocado (nicely ripped)

2. Hand full or fresh berries (Blueberries, strawberries, mulberries, and raspberries)

3. Greek yogurt

4. Almond milk or low-fat skimmed milk

5. Chia seeds

Instructions To Make It

Take a blender and add all the ingredients mentioned above. Mix and blend everything well. Pour it in a glass. You have your weight loss drink ready. Do not forget to add chia seeds on the top. Avocados and berries are excellent for weight loss. Chia seeds can help you stay fuller for a longer time.

Banana-Oats Smoothie For Fast Weight Loss

One of the easiest to make a smoothie that hardly takes a few minutes is an overnight chia-oats smoothie. But, you will be amazed to know that this is great for you when you are trying to lose weight. Let’s get into the recipe.

Ingredients You Need:

1. Rolled oats (half cup)

2. Chia seeds

3. Almond milk

4. Raw organic honey or maple syrup

5. Ripped banana

Instructions To Make It

Take a bowl and add some water. Now add rolled oats, chia seeds and mix everything well. Ever the bowl with a lid and keep it inside the refrigerator overnight. The next morning – take the overnight soaked oats and chia seeds in a blender. Add all other ingredients to it. Blend everything well. Pour this smoothie in a glass and here is your fat-burning weight loss smoothie ready.

What are you waiting for? Go try these recipes and do not forget to tell us which one you liked the most in the comment section below.

Published : February 17, 2021 4:02 pm | Updated:February 18, 2021 10:59 am

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