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The easy way to lose weight
The SIRTfood Juice and Diet

The SIRTfood Juice and Diet

  • February 19, 2021
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SIRT juice

I’m on a diet.  I don’t normally diet but my weight has ballooned higher than ever in the past couple months and I decided it was time for a change.  Ever since I got T1D, I’ve found it’s a lot harder to lose weight.  Insulin = Fat storage and since I need to inject insulin to live, it’s a catch 22 really.  But since I can’t do anything about the whole insulin thing, I can do something about my diet.  I already eat about 80% healthy anyways, lots of fruits & vegetables (zucchini is my favorite)  but until now I guess I hadn’t realized how much snacking I was doing…  Since moving to London, I guess there’s just a whole lot more to snack on and by that I mean there’s a lot more junk to eat.  Combine that with too much vino and the pounds added up quickly.  Extra weight is not exactly helpful when starting to train for a marathon either…especially when it comes to my bionic foot.  More weight means more force and I want my foot to stay nice and healthy and run in June without any injuries!

sirtfood diet

Since I do much better if I have a plan, I knew I needed one to follow to stay on track, I started researching one that would work for me.  I already knew Whole 30 wouldn’t work so this weekend when I read an article this weekend about The Sirtfood Diet, I was intrigued.  The Sirtfood Diet by Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, lists coffee, chocolate and red wine among it’s healthy options.  (sounds good already).  Aidan, a pharmacologist and Glen, who holds a Masters degree in nutritional medicine, met in 2012 when they published a critique of the supplement industry – The Health Delusion (I’m reading it next) in which they revealed how millions of us are taking vitamin pills we don’t actually need and in some cases are can be positively unhealthy because they provide much higher dosages of nutrients than are found in our food.  And recently the duo started researching sirtuins.  So what exactly are sirtuins and how are they going to help me lose weight….

Sirtuins are a class of protein found in living things that are involved in metabolic processes. ‘Sirtfoods’ are high in sirtuin activators, and mimic the effects of fasting and exercise by burning fat, increasing muscle and staving off disease. (sounds great) According to Aidan and Glen, the authors of The Sirtfood Diet book (out today and only £8.00), stocking up on sirtuin-rich foods such as kale, green tea and apples can stimulate the ‘skinny’ gene pathways and help you lose fat quickly.

The top ten Sirtfoods are:
Green tea, Dark chocolate, Turmeric, Kale, Blueberries, Parsley, Capers, Citrus fruits, Apples, Red wine


The plan seemed easy enough – for the 1st 3 days drink 3 SIRT juices (recipe below) 3 times a day then eat a Sirtfood dinner.  Then, in days 4-7 drink 2 SIRT juices a day and eat 2 Sirtfood meals.  The article stated that almost everyone who participated in the plan lost at least 7 pounds in 7 days. WOWSERS.    I’m already a juice convert so that part was covered and since you’re allowed coffee, red wine and dark chocolate (in small quantities)  it sounded like a plan I could get behind.

Since the book didn’t come out until today, I used the recipes in the article to get me started and guessed on what small quanities meant, here’s my week so far…My mornings have all been the same, wake up and drink a tea and some lemon water.  A bit later have an espresso and then try and wait till 10am until I drink my 1st juice and when I do eat a tiny bit of protein with it (not on plan) to slow the absorption of sugar from the juice (due to my T1D).


Monday – Loads of water, tea, espresso, 1 cup of SIRT juice 3 X a day, (tiny bit of protein included 1 hard boiled egg white, 1 3oz portion of chicken and a handful of shelled edamame), a small square of 85% dark chocolate and a sirtfood dinner – 100% Buckwheat noodles with veggies and chicken (recipe next week)

Buckwheat Noodles Sirt Dinner

I was craving a snack but not because I was hungry…just because I was so used to snacking all day. NO hunger pains and after dinner I was stuffed to the gills.  First time trying buckwheat pasta and I loved it…so did the hubby (he was shocked).  

Tuesday – Loads of water, tea, espresso, 1 cup of SIRT juice 3 X a day, (3 tiny bits of protein included 2 hard boiled egg white and 1 3oz portion of chicken), a small square (10g) of 85% Lindt dark chocolate and a sirtfood dinner – Spiced cauliflower couscous with capers, parsley and chicken (could go vegan or use shrimp) – recipe next week

No hunger pains and couldn’t even finish juice #3, only drank half.  By the time dinner rolls around, the plan says to eat after 7:30pm, I was hungry.  The dinner was another home run recipe (even the hubby loved it) and I finished with a full belly.  Slept like a baby and wok up feeling better than I had in months!

Wednesday – 1L water, tea, 1 cup SIRT juice 2 x a day, (2 tiny bits of protein included 1 hard boiled egg white and 1 3oz portion of chicken), square of dark chocolate, 6oz glass of red wine*, sirtfood dinner and another small square of dark chocolate before bed

Once again, zero hunger pains.  In fact, I was so full I couldn’t even drink my 3rd juice of the day – instead I opted for an early dinner and bed by 9:30 instead of the usual 11pm (since I had an early morning today). For dinner I created my own sirtfood meal and again, it was delicious.  I’m starting to think this plan was created for me…

This morning – Thursday – I decided to step on the scale.  I knew I was feeling better and sleeping better and was noticeably less bloated, so I was hopeful but not too excited…  In 3 days, I was down 2.75 pounds but even more amazing was that I gained a little over a half a pound of muscle.  WOWSERS.  I weighed myself again just to be sure and it was correct.  I’m writing this post with a huge grin on my face and I feel amazing.

Another by product of the plan is my amazing blood sugar control – I’ve had no lows or highs and am currently experiencing the best numbers in months!  I’m planning on sharing all the recipes I’ve created so far next week but here is the SIRT juice recipe for now.

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SIRT juice

Serves: 1 juice


This makes enough for 1 juice, since you need 3 a day for the first 3 days – I made enough for 2 days at a time. Less clean up and all prepped a day in advance!


  • 2 handfuls (75g) kale
  • Handful (30g) rocket <--this is British for arugula
  • 5g parsley
  • 150g green celery (2-3 stalks)
  • ½ green apple
  • ½ lemon – juiced
  • ½ level tsp of Matcha powder (green tea also has caffeine so only add to first 2 juices of the day)


  1. Juice ingredients, should have 250ml (1 cup) once done – enough for 1 juice.
  2. Add Matcha powder, shake or stir to combine and drink.


*I just skimmed thru the book and noticed that alcohol is discouraged in Week 1 – oops!  (Oh well, I still lost weight)

Have You Ever Heard of Sirt foods?

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