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  • October 01, 2020
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The main sources of energy of our body are the three macros protein, fat and carbs, keto diet is done by reducing the carbs and eating moderate amounts of protein and increasing the healty fats intake.

When there isn’t enough carbs or glucose which is the main source of energy, your body then becomes obliges to use the stored fat for fuel. This process happens in the liver and this is where the term keto comes form by transforming

This processs doenst happen instantly it takes at least three days to see result, Usually, the body gets its energy from the carbohydrates consumed during the day and which are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. In the ketogenic diet, when the carbs intake is very limited, the body starts to get energy from the stored carbs in the muscles and the liver called “glycogen” reserves. Since each gram of glycogen is linked to 3-4 g of water in the body, the significant weight loss at the start of the ketogenic diet is largely a loss of water. When the glycogen stores are depleted, the body will then turn to the stored fat for fuel. This process is happens in the liver, it produces waste products called ketones. Then, ketones begin to build up in the blood and their smell, similar to that of nail polish, becomes noticeable in the breath. This is the main indicator that the body is in a state of “ketosis”. It usually takes between 2 to 4 weeks to reach this state. You can check for ketosis by purchasing urine test strips from pharmacies.

This state of “ketosis” causes a marked decrease in appetite which contributes to reducing the amount of food consumed. This condition can also lead to nausea and fatigue. Although this diet does not focus on calorie counting, those who follow it actually absorb fewer calories because they are not hungry and this results in weight loss.

Switching to a keto diet has many health benefits. The main advantages of is weight loss. This diet also helps lower blood sugar – and can have a very big effect on high insulin levels, which contributes to type 2 diabetes. The keto diet also helps increase concentration by adding nutrient-dense foods to food. When the liver produces ketones, a person feels more energetic and attentive. Increase your stamina, improve cholesterol and control your glucose by following a keto diet.

Types of a keto diet :

There are many versions of the keto diet. Here are some of them5‌.


Carbohydrate intake is very low. About 5% of total energy intake. Proteins can go up to 20% of total energy intake. To make room for lipids up to 75% of total energy intake.


It is the alternation between a period when the carbohydrate intakes are high and another when the carbohydrate intakes are low and those in lipids are increased. Over a week, there are 5 days of keto diet followed by 2 days with high carbohydrate intakes.


This method notably allows athletes to include carbohydrates in their diet. Often before or after a sporting activity.


Rather equivalent to the standard keto diet. But with a higher protein intake. There is 35% of the total energy intake of proteins. About 60% of the total energy intake in lipids. And finally, 5% of the total energy intake of carbohydrates.

It is specified, however, that only the standard keto diet as well as the high protein keto diet have been studied by scientists. The other methods are often used by sportspeople such as bodybuilding or athletes without medical or dietetic monitoring.


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