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The diet sirtfood and all you have to know the method Adele to lose weight 45 kilos

  • November 02, 2020
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Return to skip alarms when we see that the singer Adele surprised on your social networks with a loss of weight of 45 kilos. And we discovered that besides a strict exercise routine is due to the diet sirtfood but in your version of ms strict. We spoke with several experts in nourishment for us to unlock the pros and cons of this diet that everyone is talking about.

Not few are those who have praised or criticized the diet of Adele to lose weight 45 kilos. And is the winner of 15 Grammy awards has grabbed the attention of their followers, not only for his talent but for his drstica loss of weight and your polmica diet. This is the diet sirtfooda diet based on the consumption of foods that interact with a group of protenas called sirtunas and promises to lose weight at the same time that stimulate the rejuvenation and repair cell.

The diet that has followed the singer Adele est based on a food that is rich in foods that possess sirtuin or that are able to activate them in the body. Dr. Paula Rossothe Medical Centre Lajo Plaza says that with it “you can consume moderate amounts of dark chocolate and wine, and contains healthy foods such as wheat and buckwheat, the arndanos, nuts or the t green and is intended as a diet in the long term, to stay healthy for life and delaying old age”.

During the first phase of the diet, the first three days, the intake of calories is limited to 1000 calories per day and consists of three green juices Sirtfood, ms a normal meal rich in “sirtfoods” or foods rich in sirtunas. In days four to seven, the consumption of calories increased to 1500 calories and consists of two green juice and two meals or intakes. The question that we pose is, is healthy diet Sirtfood of which all speak?

Dr. Paula Landiof the Clinic Mira+Cueto, tells us that “sirtuins really are involved in multiple cellular reactions that participate in the metabolismthe circadian cycle and aging, but from a perspective of scientific and technical what do you really know about this diet is very little.”

S that there are experimental studies that demonstrate that mice with high levels of sirtuins are living more time that mice with low levels, and also studies that demonstrate that are able to prevent aging and looks impressive, “but we cannot extrapolate the findings in animals and in the laboratory to human beings and real life because it takes a lot of ms research,” says Landi.

Because effectively though, the diet seems to work for some people, “this may be due solely to that is based on an intake calrica reduced (and this s that you have check scientific that works) and all dems, there still is a gamble, and it needs many studies to actually verify the effect of rejuvenation and repair cell”, ensures the expert.

In addition, as we account dr. Paula Rosso, “we will have to analyze each case, but a priori, it is of a diet with a lower drstica of calories that can be dangerous, and besides there is no sufficient evidence that they speed up the metabolism”.

On the other hand, Nela Berlanga, farmacutica, and specialist in nutrition team KilosOut, assures us that, over and above any restriction of food, “we must slim down by eating and chewing with a decline of the contribution calrico for your body to burn off the accumulated fat, but not so drstica”. While acknowledging that positive, “the foods suggested are healthy and mostly banishes junk food, the processed food, sugars, and promotes the exercise even though in the end I think that there are that escape from the miracle diets and ask for assistance from a multidisciplinary team (including psiclogos) that will support you throughout the slimming process”.

Between the pros and cons of the diet Sirtfoodexperts as Laura Stop, nutritionist Slow Life House, “claim that as an advantage is the deficiency of calories to lose weight and consume foods that you like so much.” And against you, “that is not a balanced diet, and does not create adherence, it is costly and is not sustainable in the long term, besides that it is a diet engaosa since there are no scientific studies reliable that demonstrate that these effects are real”.

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