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Sirtfood Diet: Here’s everything you need to know about the celebs’ favourite weight loss diet

Sirtfood Diet: Here’s everything you need to know about the celebs’ favourite weight loss diet

  • December 16, 2020
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Sirtfood diet has become a huge diet craze thanks to Adele’s recent revelation on how she lost oodles of weight after following this diet. Read on to know about this latest fad diet.

Health & Fitness,sirtfood dietSirtfood Diet: Here’s everything you need to know about the celebs’ favourite weight loss diet

Weight loss diets keep cropping up now and then. However, some get attention and become a fad after celebs talk about any particular diet. And today, we are talking about the current diet craze i.e. sirtfood diet. Popular singer Adele revealed that she followed this diet and lost oodles of weight. And we have to say that her massive transformation is quite inspiring. Click here to know more about her weight loss journey. 

Coming to Sirtfood diet, which is also known as Cabbage Soup diet, the 5.2 Diet and Dukan diet, has grown in popularity among health and weight loss communities. Especially for its inclusion of red wine and chocolates. Yes, you read it right! With this celeb-favourite diet, one can achieve fat loss without losing muscle mass and prevent diseases by incorporating Sirt foods. However, some researchers warned that following it could be a bad idea.

About Sirtfood Diet

Two celeb nutritionists from the UK have come with this new diet. They have been promoting it as a revolutionary diet which can aid obese people by turning on their “skinny gene”. This particular diet is based on sirtuins (SIRTs), a group of seven proteins that regulates a variety of functions, including metabolism, and inflammation among others. With the help of some boosters, the level of these proteins will increase. The boosters are known as Sirtfoods.

Best Sirtfoods are:

Red wine

Strawberries and other citrus fruits 



Extra virgin olive oil

Dark chocolate (85% cocoa)

Matcha green tea




Medjool dates

Red chicory



Check out the before and after photos 



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Inclusion of these Sirtfoods and calorie deficit leads to higher production of sirtuins. The diet has two phases which should be followed for three weeks. Speaking of the Phase 1, it involves calorie deficit and lots of green juices. The same will help you to kick start the weight loss. One has to restrict their calorie intake to 1000-1500 calories. Talking about Phase 2, which is a maintenance period, there is no specific calorie limit, however, you have to include Sirtfoods and green juice. Post three weeks, one can continue adding Sirtfoods in all meals.  

Speaking of the Sirtfood recipes, there are several recipe books on this diet available. The Sirtfood juice is quite integral in the diet. The green juice is made kale, rocket, parsley, celery, green apple and green matcha tea among others. Other recipes which can be included are Sirt muesli, chicken breast with kale and red onions and prawn stir-fry with buckwheat noodles among others.

Is Sirtfood diet effective? 

There are not many types of research and proof claiming their effectiveness. However, there are no double thoughts that Sirtfoods are superfoods and can be added in the diet but the pattern is quite unhealthy. Also, we cannot ignore that preliminary scientific evidence is hardly available.  Speaking of the side effects, dieters can experience fatigue, lightheadedness and irritability due to the calorie deficit. 

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