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Sirtfood Diet For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

Sirtfood Diet For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

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Intermittent fasting, keto and veganism — these are the diets that come to mind when talking about famous eating plans these days. However, one diet is also quickly gaining a lot of attention lately after singer Adele flaunted her drastic weight loss thanks to it. It’s none other than the sirtfood diet.

Early last month, the Grammy-winning singer shocked her fans when she uploaded a snap on Instagram in which she can be seen donning a black midi dress. Adele was almost unrecognizable in the photo since she looked way thinner than before.

For those who has been following Adele on social media, it was no secret that the singer has been doing a lot of workouts and has changed her eating habits. However, her weight loss reveal still came as a shock since she clearly lost a lot of pounds and even trimmed her waistline to a very fit figure.

Adele’s secret to her weight loss is the sirtfood diet, an eating plan that consists mainly of leafy greens, some nuts, berries, spices, coffee and tea. The proponents of this diet say that basically foods that can act as “sirtuin activators” can promote weight loss, healthy aging and even protect cells.

According to Dr. Axe, sirtuins are proteins found in certain plant foods that are associated with healthy aging since they regulate cellular processes and help maintain the internal balance in the body known as homeostasis.

Although there isn’t much solid evidence showing if the sirtfood diet really works, there are testimonials claiming its efficiency in making one lose weight. The developers of this diet also maintain that it works because the “sirtfoods” followers consume regulate the expression of the genes that control body weight.

By eating the foods recommended in this diet, one would experience reduced cravings and hunger, decreased fat storage and reduced oxidative stress and inflammation. The sirtfood diet is also said to help build muscles and support healthy insulin levels.

The sirtfood diet emphasizes the need to eat fruits and vegetables, so it shouldn’t be surprising why it is considered a healthy type of diet. Fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins that are good for the body. The healthy fats from walnuts and olive oil also promote good heart health.

Finally, since the sirtfood diet is all about eating plant-based proteins, followers of this eating plan would gradually reduce their meat consumption — a good way to reduce the risk of developing certain diseases linked to processed meats such as cancer and heart disease.

4 Leafy Greens

Data from various studies found that people with high fiber diets of leafy greens and other vegetables have, over their lifetimes, lower rates of obesity. Getty Images

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