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SIRT GREEN JUICE Jugo verde, dieta Adele.

SIRT GREEN JUICE Jugo verde, dieta Adele.

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Serves: 1 juice ( This recipe is enough for 3 days)

This makes enough for 1 juice, since you need 3 a day for the first 3 days – I made enough for 2 days at a time. Less clean up and all prepped a day in advance!
2 handfuls (75g) kale
Handful (30g) rocket this is British for arugula
5g parsley
150g green celery (2-3 stalks)
½ green apple
½ lemon – juiced
½ level tsp of Matcha powder (green tea also has caffeine so only add to first 2 juices of the day)
Juice ingredients, should have 250ml (1 cup) once done – enough for 1 juice.
Add Matcha powder, shake or stir to combine and drink. Remember that this recipe is for 3 days. Keep it in the fridge.

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