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  • November 07, 2020
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Welcome To Food Network

Now we look as good as we taste!

28 Food Art Photos

The most magical examples of food art.

10 Most Wasted Foods in Britain and How to Turn Them into Spectacular Dishes

Add cubes of raw potato to a dish if you’ve accidentally over-salted it.

31 Healthy(ish) Foods You Should Cook in January

Grab a spoon because we’re here for the long haul, guys.

Spaghetti and Meatballs, Cake and Ice Cream… These 21 Foods Were Made for Each Other

Spaghetti and meatballs, cake and ice cream, bacon and bread = L.O.V.E.

10 Secret Food Confessions You Won’t Believe Are Real

Do you have a food confession you need to get off your chest? Leave a comment below.

19 Foods to Turn Into Fries

Not chips, not wedges and definitely not curly fries.

10 Healthy Comfort Food Swaps

You won’t have to think twice next time you’re contemplating a comfort food feast.

11 Crazy Foods You Didn’t Realise You Could Buy in a Tin

There are some foods that just don’t belong in a tin.

12 Bizarre But Beautiful Food Nail Designs

Stop biting your nails!

Fresh Food Fast with Emeril Lagasse Recipes

43 Glorious Ways to Eat More Thai Food

It’s all about fragrant curries, aromatic grilled fish and meat, veggie stir fries and fresh salads.

Uncover London’s Best Food Secrets With #FoodNetworkFinds

16 Healthy Dinners You Can Make in a Food Processor

11 Easiest-Ever Recipes to Make in a Food Processor

These easy recipes will ensure you’re getting the most out of your food processor.

42 Must-Try Foods to Add to Your Bucket List

Tell us how many you’ve already tried in the comments below.

Buy This, Not That: 10 Ways to Make Better Food Choices at Christmas

The Rise of the Veg-Curious, Plant-Based Flexitarians: This Year’s Biggest Health Terms and What They Actually Mean

We look ahead to a year peppered with botanicals-based tonics and shots made with turmeric and apple cider vinegar.

22 Most Shocking Food Tattoos

Fast food logos, tattoos inside the lip and a big chunk of bone marrow were just a few things we found.

Recipes from Korean Food Made Simple

Korean food couldn’t be simpler with Judy Joo

10 Foods Your Dentist Wishes You’d Quit

Keep baring those pearly-whites.

50 Junk Food Favourites Made Healthy

So much YES.

57 Healthier Versions of Your Favourite Comfort Foods

Now, grab yourself a fork and dig in… because you can!

50 Foods You Need to Eat During The Super Bowl

Feed a crowd with our recipes for the ultimate game-night snacks and nibbles.

7 Foods Every Barbecue is Incomplete Without

We’ve teamed up with Ocado to bring together all the barbecue recipes you need.

14 Crazy Christmas Jumpers for The Food Lover in Your Life

Twerking turkeys, pigs in actual blankets and Christmas tacos galore!

26 Fast Food Copycat Recipes for When You’re Broke and Hangry

How to get your piri-piri on without breaking the bank.

50 Mediterranean Dinners Your Family Will Fall In Love With

Prepare your taste buds for a mind-blowing adventure around the Med.

66 Totally Delicious Ways To Eat More Wholewheat Foods

Wholewheat versions of all your favourites, including pizza, cake and pasta salad.

14 Food Mistakes You Should Avoid Making on Christmas Day

Take the basting butterflies out of your stomach and banish any stress this Christmas with our sage cooking advice.

5 Christmas Foods You Didn’t Know Were Giving You Heartburn

Some of these delectable dishes can potentially disrupt your digestion.

Wowza! 16 Fun Food Projects Kids Will Love to Do This Christmas

‘Tis the season for insanely-easy and adorable food DIY-ing.

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