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The easy way to lose weight


  • April 15, 2021
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Ive tried this a couple times before, but for the first time i was able to maintain for a longer period.

This picture shows the result of the last 4 weeks of warrior diet.

I eat from 6pm to 10pm on workout days, and from 8pm to 10pm on rest/aerobics day.

Moderate carbs on workout days, low carbs rest/aerobic days.

I follow this every single day, except on weekends, where i usually go heavy drink (only vodka/tequila with zero sodas)

So im living my social life the way i want, and still getting results.

I workout in a complete fasted state (no bcaa), and i drink a lot of black coffee without sweetners and some zero coke througout the fasting window.

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