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NUTRITIONIST REACTS: What Adele Eats In A Day On The Sirtfood Diet

NUTRITIONIST REACTS: What Adele Eats In A Day On The Sirtfood Diet

  • October 03, 2020
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In this video, we are going to talk about how the British singer Adele lost weight by reportedly going on the Sirtfood diet. We breakdown what Adele eats in a day on the Sirtfood diet meal plan.

Here on the All Things Nutrition channel, as a Registered Nutritionist I react to what Adele would possibly eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the Sirtfood diet.

Keep watching to find out what to eat on the Sirtfood diet, what mark out of 10 we give the Sirtfood diet and if you should follow it to lose weight.

00:30 – Adele’s recent weight loss
00:40 – What is the Sirtfood diet?
00:46 – Sirtfood diet explained
01:13 – Sirtfood diet plan
01:15 – Sirtfood diet food list
01:44 – What Adele eats in a day – Nutritionist reacts
01:50 – Sirtfood diet meal plan – What to eat on the Sirtfood diet
02:20 – Sirtfood diet phase 1
03:04 – Sirtfood diet phase 2
05:40 – Does the sirtfood diet work?
06:04 – All Things Nutrition Sirtfood diet Review


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