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New Study Finds Mediterranean Diet Is The Only Diet With Long-Lasting Health Benefits

New Study Finds Mediterranean Diet Is The Only Diet With Long-Lasting Health Benefits

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A new analysis of 121 diets revealed something that a lot of experts have been saying for years: that strict diets don’t work in the long term – save for the Mediterranean diet.

Study Finds Mediterranean Diet Is The Only Diet Providing Long-Term Benefits

After examining the diets of over 21,000 people, a new analysis of around 121 strict diets revealed something that experts have repeatedly said for years now: that most, if not all, of these strict diets are only beneficial for short-term purposes since they lose their health benefits the longer people follow them.

Published in the British Medical Journal, the authors of the new paper concluded that the majority of the 14 diets that they studied are indeed beneficial, with the people following them experiencing an average loss of 10 pounds and improved blood pressure in just a mere six months. Unfortunately, most of these benefits start disappearing a year after starting the diet, with the lowered heart disease risk going back to where it had been prior to the diet.

However, the research also revealed that there is one diet that stands above all because it managed to keep its benefits even after a year of following it: the Mediterranean diet.

“The message is fairly clear. It doesn’t really matter what diet you choose, the weight loss you will get is not very different. Diets, for most people, generally do not work. Lowering your blood pressure or your bad cholesterol, for a period of time, say six months, is not going to make any long term difference if it goes back up again,” Gordan Guyatt, study author and a professor at McMaster University, said.

However, he also said that based on the results, the Mediterranean diet emerged with a moderate victory in the study since it managed to retain the weight loss and lowered heart disease risk even after the 12-month mark of following the diet.

To that end, Guyatt also reiterated that he can’t offer any advice to people who are concerned with weight loss and he certainly can’t recommend a diet for anyone.

Mediterranean Diet

Health experts consider the Mediterranean diet as one of the healthiest diets ever created, which focus on natural food, mainly plants combined with healthy fats. Pixabay

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