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Mediterranean Tuna-Spinach Salad

Mediterranean Tuna-Spinach Salad

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Rating: 4 stars02/25/2018

It was salty but very good. I used Fat Free Feta cheese and the single serving cups of Dole No Sugar added mandarin oranges. I had more than 2 cups of spinach. It was a huge meal. Delicious!

Rating: 2 stars08/31/2017

Way to salty. It really felt like I needed to add crackers or maybe put it on bread. My family did not care for this at all also. I left out the feta.

Rating: 4 stars08/07/2017

I made some changes since I didn’t have everything listed. My tahini sauce was also already blended with mint parsley cilantro garlic olive oil and lemon. I added a juice of one lime to thin it out. I finely chopped some olives and chopped green onions. Instead of eating the tuna on top of the spinach I chiffonade the spinach and sprinkled some sliced almonds. It didn’t NEED the feta but still I wish I had some. DELISH.

Rating: 4 stars03/18/2018

A bit salty but I balanced it with half of a croissant. I added cracked pepper and it was very tasty. I will make it again.

Rating: 2 stars02/24/2021

The tuna was very dry; ended up adding a couple tablespoons of mayo

Rating: 3 stars02/21/2017

It was OK. Too much for a lunch salad. Next time I will make 2 lunches out of it. Also won’t include everything with the tuna. Put the feta and kalamata olives on the spinach separately and drizzle the tahini dressing over it. Then I can add more fresh veggies and maybe something crunchy…

Rating: 4 stars01/30/2020

I have made this salad twice. The first time I followed it to the letter. The second time I added about a tablespoon (maybe slightly less) of extra virgin olive oil to the tahini dressing. It tasted the same yet it was a whole new salad at the same time. The olive oil definitely bumps up the taste factor. I also added 7 olives instead of 4 the second time because I like ’em. The orange slices on the side are nice. I think they’re there to cut the saltiness of the salad (although I didn’t personally find it too salty). The orange also adds nice color to the plate. This recipe will definitely be one of my regular dinners. It will be nice to have in the summer.

Rating: 5 stars03/01/2021

I was super skeptical making this but absolutely loved it. Very filling and did not find it to be too salty like other reviewers. I mixed the tahini, lemon juice, and water just with the tuna to coat it, mixed the tuna mixture thoroughly with the spinach and topped with the feta and olives (did not have parsley). Delicious!

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