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Mediterranean diet recipes to try for dinner tonight

Mediterranean diet recipes to try for dinner tonight

  • January 18, 2021
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For those who are searching for ways to live healthier but are not yet ready to sacrifice all the things carbs, meat, and fat, the Mediterranean diet could be for you.

But exactly is a Mediterranean diet? It is the nutrient-dense fare the folks of the Mediterranean Sea have long been cooking. It includes unrefined carbs, proteins, good fats, and less of starchy vegetables and dairy, as well as red and white meat. It includes a scrumptious flavour profile touched with a ton of nutrients.

Here, we’ve curated a list of recipe videos to get you throwing a daily wholesome Mediterranean feast at home whilst staying nourished, healthy, and happy.

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12 Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Healthy ingredients do not suggest that the meal be humdrum and flavourless. This video by Well Done will show you how to maximise the flavour of your meals using health-forward ingredients framed within the Mediterranean diet pyramid. The grilled snapper with corn and okra relish is definitely hearty, whereas the chicken barley soup with walnut pesto is just as satisfying.

Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner Recipes For The Perfect Mediterranean Diet Day

For those who are not yet familiar with this type of diet, this video will give you a sneak peek into a full day of indulging in the Mediterranean diet. Start with a comforting bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, nourishing snacks of fresh fruit, olive oil-drenched green salad for lunch, and a hearty dinner of tomato and artichoke gnocchi. It’s a glimpse of what to expect with a few recipe ideas to get you amped up for the diet.

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

Don’t have much time on your hands? No fret, meal prep is your saviour. Planning and prepping ahead makes sure your junk food-hungry self will not reach for guilty pleasure bites when hunger strikes. Fit Men Cook’s video is here to show how you can already have a healthy week in advance with do-ahead Mediterranean diet meals.

Mediterranean Diet Desserts

Desserts you just can’t skip or forget. It’s what truly brings joy to the beginning of the meal knowing your treats await you at the end of it all. Although the Mediterranean diet does limit your sweet intake, these tahini cookies, fruit crisps, and choc fig bites makes sure your sweet tooth is satisfied whilst still staying on the right track.

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