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Keto Diet Easy Recipes: Top 10 Recipes you should try

  • October 05, 2020
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The lack of easy keto diet recipes to vary the menu in the ketogenic diet is undoubtedly one of the main difficulties that those who follow this diet encounter. So, that’s why we are here with the detailed guide about keto diet easy recipes which will solve all the problems you have in your mind.


Beginners, as well as those more experienced in this,  find it difficult to make different dishes that are easy to make and have affordable ingredients.


Therefore, the idea of ​​this article is to gather fast, nutritious and very tasty and easy recipes, to help those looking to follow a ketogenic diet, with very low carbohydrate consumption.


Because we know that when we have the option to make our own food, it is much easier to follow the diet.


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# 1. Carrot Cauliflower Rice


“Carreteiro rice was born out of necessity. The wagons that crossed the south of Brazil needed practical food, easy to elaborate (…). For that, they cooked in an iron pan a mixture of minced beef jerky (rice). ”


If you are from southern Brazil or have already passed through this region, you have certainly heard of traditional Carreteiro rice.


It is a typical dish of the Pampas region and consists of a braised rice with jerked beef (also known as jerked beef), very well seasoned.


And of course, here is a suggestion for how to prepare this delicious dish for lunch or dinner, low carb style!




  • Cauliflower head – 1
  • Beef jerky – 1 Kg
  • 1 finely chopped onion
  • 1 green-smelling spoon
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 6 tablespoons olive oil
  • Salt to taste


Method of preparation:


  • Pass the raw cauliflower through the food processor (or blender) to a size close to rice grains (about 2 minutes processing);
  • Once processed, sauté with 1 tablespoon of olive oil for 3 minutes, turn off the heat and set aside;
  • Delicate dried meat for 12 hours and then cook until tender;
  • Remove water from pan, shred dried meat, add 5 tablespoons olive oil, onion, and garlic;
  • Sauté until garlic and onion are browned;
  • To add the ready-made cauliflower rice, and the green smell;
  • Turn off the heat and stir well until smooth;
  • Serve.


Possible additional ingredients: peppermint and bacon.



# 2: Abaca-Bacon


The idea of ​​the bacon abaca is to combine two ketogenic delights, avocado, and bacon.


In fact, there is no single way to reproduce this recipe – but they all look very tasty.


An easy way to make the bacon buns is simply to add fried cubes of bacon over an avocado half, already with the stone removed. Squeezing lemon on top adds something to the recipe.


In this case, my suggestion is to eat without a plate, using a spoon and taking the avocado with bacon straight from the shell. This recipe is the one of the best easy keto recipes over the world.


In my opinion, the bacon pumpkin itself is a good low carb breakfast option.


So if you are looking for more egg recipes for the first meal of the day, the 1 Minute Low Carb is certainly for you.


But if you want to turn this delicacy into a fuller meal, here is a good recipe:



  • 1 large chicken fillet (150g)
  • 100g sliced ​​(or diced) bacon fried in its own fat
  • 1/2 sliced ​​avocado (200g)
  • 2 slices of mozzarella (30g)


Method of preparation:


  • To prepare the chicken fillet with spices to taste, in the oven or frying pan;
  • Cover with the mozzarella, muffle and let it melt;
  • Once this is done, bring to the plate where it will be served;
  • To cover with the sliced ​​avocado and then with the fried bacon;
  • Serve.


# 3: The Famous “Pizzalete”


Still in the branch of “easy and fake pizzas”, we have the “Pizzalete”.


As the name suggests, Pizzalete is a way to make the traditional everyday omelet look much more attractive.


And while the pasta is nothing like a traditional pizza, the Pizzalete is very tasty and, as you might imagine, is much healthier.


This recipe is ideal for busy day meals, takes less than 5 minutes to get ready and brings in great nutrients, good fats, and high biological value proteins!




  • 3 beaten eggs
  • 2 tablespoons tomato sauce
  • 3 slices of mozzarella (or any other pizza stuffing you prefer)
  • sliced ​​tomatoes
  • oregano and basil


Method of preparation:


  • Break eggs in a container, add salt and beat with a fork until smooth;
  • Throw over a skillet turned on over high heat and previously greased;
  • Cover for 3 minutes;
  • After these 3 minutes, turn off the heat, open the lid of the pan and spread the sauce;
  • Distribute the mozzarella, cover with tomatoes, oregano and basil;
  • Cover the pan again so that everything melts (if necessary, turn it on low heat);
  • Remove and serve.


# 4: Mini Carb Eggplant


If you are a fan of pizza, here is a super versatile option: it serves as an amain course, side dish and even as a snack.

Best of all, it only takes 5 minutes to prepare, and then just enjoy it!

Keto recipes are very beneficial in maintaining a healthy body. Here are some details about this recipe.




  • 1 large eggplant
  • ½ sliced ​​onion
  • 1 diced tomato
  • Tomato Sauce
  • grated mozzarella
  • oregano


Method of preparation:


  • Cut the eggplant into thick slices with a thick finger;
  • To distribute the slices in an oiled form;
  • Spread the sauce over them;
  • Top with mozzarella, onion, tomato, and oregano;
  • Bake for 10 minutes at 200ºC;
  • Serve.



# 5: Low Carb Chicken Quiche


Quiche Low Carb has been a hit on youtube since 2015.


Pleasing even those who do not think about diet, this wonder will brighten the Sunday lunches, having as a  bonus demand very little dishes for their preparation.




  • 4 whole eggs
  • 400 g chicken breast (1 whole breast)
  • 100 g cheese plate
  • 100 g grated Parmesan cheese
  • 200 g of sour cream
  • 200 g of curd (1 jar)
  • fried bacon cubes (optional)
  • spices to taste (pepper, basil, oregano, etc.)


Method of preparation:


  • Cook the chicken with salt and shred;
  • In a pyrex, grate the cheese plate and mix with Parmesan cheese;
  • Add the cream, the shredded chicken and the eggs;
  • Mix everything until smooth;
  • Top with curd;
  • Bake for approximately 25 minutes at 180ºC;
  • Remove, cover with bacon (optional) and serve.


# 6: Salad with Bacon and Shredded Chicken Croutons


The idea of ​​this salad is to be a complete meal, not a side dish like traditional salads. Therefore it is rich in good fats, fiber, protein, and micronutrients.


So let’s bring together various delights such as chicken, parmesan, various leaves, and natural spices, and use bacon as a carbohydrate-free alternative to traditional croutons. Because who needs toasted bread, right?




  • varied leaves of your choice (recommend lettuce and watercress)
  • 1/2 diced tomatoes
  • 1/4 finely chopped onion
  • 1 large chicken fillet (150g)
  • 150g diced bacon fried in its own fat until crispy
  • 30g of thick grated fresh Parmesan cheese
  • salt, olive oil and vinegar (or lemon) to taste


Method of preparation:


  • Grill the chicken fillet, seasoned with salt only;
  • Tear the leaves well and mix with the previously chopped tomato and onion;
  • To season everything with olive oil, lemon, and salt (without forgetting that the bacon is already salted);
  • Add the fried bacon cubes, and the grilled chicken fillet on top;
  • Cover everything with Parmesan;
  • Serve.


# 7: Heart of Palm Noodles with Keto White Sauce


This is an amazing recipe. The pupunha noodles are 100% palm heart. Basically, it’s made from softly chopped noodle-  shaped palm hearts – so it’s natural, gluten-free and even vegan.


For palm heart fans, like me, it’s a full plate! And if you have never tried it, I highly recommend it! It is certainly worth the investment.


Anyways, it is worth remembering that white sauce can be used in general recipes, and does not necessarily have to be made with any kind of pasta. With meat it is delicious!




  • 1 glass of pupunha spaghetti
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 100 g of sour cream
  • 35 g grated Parmesan cheese
  • cooked vegetables of your choice
  • pepper to taste


Method of preparation:


  • Cook pasta in boiling water for 5 minutes, drain and set aside;
  • To brown the garlic in a skillet, next to the butter;
  • Add the cream, the grated cheese, and the pepper;
  • Stir and let thicken over low heat;
  • Add pasta and vegetables to hot pan still on;
  • Mix everything with the sauce;
  • Serve.



# 8: Low Carb Pumpkin Broth


This pumpkin broth came to save the cold days, without forgetting the diet of course! “Let’s get to the data: 100g of Japanese cabotian pumpkin contains only 8g of liquid carbohydrates.


That is, this whole recipe will be about 20g of liquid carbohydrates, and a portion of it will be somewhere between 8g and 10g of carbohydrates – it’s totally fit in the diet, just mature!




  • 250 g peeled Japanese pumpkin (cabotian)
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon mashed garlic
  • 1/4 finely chopped onion
  • 200 ml of water
  • salt and spices to taste
  • 200 g diced bacon
  • 1/2 head of cooked and chopped “ninja” broccoli
  • olive oil


Method of preparation:


  • Chop the pumpkin and diced tomatoes;
  • Brown the garlic and onion in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil;
  • Add the chopped squash and tomatoes and cover with water;
  • At this time fry the bacon in its own fat;
  • Once the tomatoes and squash are already very soft, turn off the heat and let the pan cool slightly;
  • That done, beat the vegetable stew in a blender;
  • Return the mixture to the pan, add the spices, bacon, broccoli and stir well;
  • Serve.


# 9: Meatloaf Stuffed with Cheese, Eggs, and Bacon


This one is for hamburger fans, and it gathers almost all the ingredients of an x-all, except without the bread. This is one of fest and most used from keto recipes ever.


Rich in fat and protein, and low in carbohydrates, this delight fits perfectly into the proposal of a Low Carb-High Fat diet, ensuring plenty of nutrients and satiety for a long period of time!




  • 400 g ground beef
  • Three bacon slices
  • 3 whole eggs
  • 3 cheese slices of your choice
  • spices to taste (I used salt and black pepper)
  • 2 tbsp eggplant flour (serves another Low Carb flour too)


Method of preparation:


  • In a bowl, season the ground beef with salt and seasonings to taste, mixing well;
  • Add the eggplant flour and stir until all is smooth;
  • Grease a cake pan with olive oil and evenly distribute all the ground beef mixture on it;
  • Open a “cavity” in the center of the ground meat from one end of the pan to the thickness and depth of 2 fingers;
  • Raise the edges to leave a good space for the fillings in the center of the meatloaf (remembering that there should be room to accommodate the eggs, which will go raw);
  • Cover the center cavity with a layer of cheese slices;
  • Cover the cheese slices with a layer of bacon slices;
  • Break eggs over and bake for 30 minutes at 210ºC;
  • Remove, allow to cool slightly and serve.



# 10: 5 Minute Sandwich


And to top off our keto recipes, a nice sandwich – which only takes 5 minutes to make and is perfect for breakfast!




  • One egg
  • One tablespoon almond flour
  • The One tbsp golden flaxseed flour
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1 tbsp cream
  • salt to taste
  • butter or coconut oil (for greasing)
  • Filling: Ham (preferably handmade), cheese, lettuce, and tomato.


Method of preparation:


  • Mix all dough ingredients in a bowl;
  • Melt a small piece of butter in the pan and spread;
  • Pour the batter mixture over the hot pan, cover and leave for about 3 minutes;
  • Turn, cover again and leave for 1 more minute;
  • Remove, stuff with ham, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes;
  • Serve.


And so we finished our keto diet easy recipes, did you like it?


Now let’s answer the questions that may have arisen during them – and if your question is different, just leave your questions in the comments section below.

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