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Is this the diet that helped Prince Harry lose weight before the royal wedding?

Is this the diet that helped Prince Harry lose weight before the royal wedding?

  • February 08, 2021
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May 08, 2018 – 12:04 BSTPrince Harry has lost weight before his royal wedding to Meghan Markle. The Sirtfood Diet is reportedly responsible for his weight loss

Just like any groom, Prince Harry wants to look his best on his wedding day, and has reportedly lost half a stone ahead of the royal wedding on 19 May. The Prince is said to have been inspired by his fiancée Meghan Markle‘s healthy diet, however he may have found further inspiration at his £8,000 a year gym – the KX Gym in Chelsea, where he has been spotted paying regular visits over the past few weeks.

The fitness centre advocates the Sirtfood Diet, which was created by nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten to help people lose weight quickly while maintaining muscle mass and still getting all the nutrients they need. The Sirtfood Diet Book became a bestseller when it was released in 2016, and Harry’s gym now serves a menu of Sirtfood diet-approved foods and runs bespoke detox packages to help clients achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.


Prince Harry may have tried the Sirtfood Diet in the lead-up to the royal wedding

The diet is based on scientific research that focuses on the beneficial properties of polyphenols, found in plant foods such as apples, kale, blueberries and green tea. As part of a seven day Sirtfood detox package members can expect to first follow a two stage plan, starting with an intense three-day programme that aims to trigger fat burning and restricts calorie intake to 1,000 per day.

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Harry would have consumed three green juices and one main meal a day for the first three days, before moving on to the “Transform” stage, where energy intake is increased to 1,500 calories a day and he could have eaten two main meals and two green juices. Example recipes while following the Sirtfood diet include miso-marinated baked cod with stir-fried greens, and an Asian shrimp stir-fry with buckwheat noodles, both of which would also be suitable for Meghan’s healthy diet.


The diet involves lots of green juices and plant-based meals

It was revealed last month that the former Suits actress had overhauled Harry’s diet since they have been living together, resulting in his slimmer physique. “Meghan has completely changed Harry’s diet,” a source told Daily Mail. “She’s got him juicing and he has lost at least half a stone, which is a lot for someone as skinny as he is. They have bought a top-of-the-range juicer and she has him on fruit and veg smoothies. She’s also weaning him off meat.”

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