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Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan to Get Lean and Ripped

Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan to Get Lean and Ripped

  • March 12, 2021
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If you want an intermittent fasting meal plan to get lean and ripped, watch this video. I will show you my exact intermittent fasting meal plan that I have been using over the past 7 weeks to get really lean and ripped.

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In this video I share with you my exact intermittent fasting meal plan to get lean and ripped. I have been putting intermittent fasting into practice for some years now, and it has always helped me burn fat very well. When I first found intermittent fasting it was in an attempt to find out how I could burn the fat that had been on my body forever and finally reveal my six pack abs. I came across a very well-known method that is used heavily today, 16 8. This means that you fast for 16 hours and have an 8 hour eating window to consume all your food for the day. This is the exact intermittent fasting method I used today still, with a slight variation.

After experiencing and studying intermittent fasting for many years I would have to say that the reason it works so well is because it increases your growth hormone. The main hormone in your body that is responsible for burning fat. This is where my slight variation comes into play. With that being the key, I only eat 2 meals a day. This gives me the best combination to keep my growth hormone high and my insulin levels low so that I can burn the most amount of fat possible.

According to Dr. Berg every time we eat our insulin levels spike shutting off our fat burning hormone which is growth hormone. This is why I believe as do many professional doctors that intermittent fasting and only have two meals a day is a great way to keep your growth hormone high and insulin levels low, so you can burn the most amount of fat possible.

If you watch the whole video through, which I hope you do. There are going to be a few key points that are very important to watch for. You will notice that the main staple of my intermittent fasting meal plan is greens. The reasons greens are so darn good and necessary is because they are loaded with micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They help you stay full all day long. There low in calories, which is very important for losing weight, because being in a calorie deficit is necessary is you want to lose weight. Also because of the micro nutrients you will notice that your body functions a lot better and you will even see your outward appearance change like having clearer skin.

Put this intermittent fasting meal plan into practice and watch the magic unfold. You don’t necessarily have to eat exactly what I have shown in this video. The main things you want to eat are lots of greens, little bit of fruit, and protein. Keep away from sugar, processed foods, breads and pasta. These types of food will spike your insulin big time shutting off fat burning.

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