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The easy way to lose weight
Intermittent Fasting Benefits (My Top 5) | Jason Fung

Intermittent Fasting Benefits (My Top 5) | Jason Fung

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Dr. Jason Fung shares 5 important reasons why intermittent fasting is such a great strategy for weight loss. Compared to other weight loss strategies, it has several inherent advantages. It is simple. Fasting is free. Fasting can be used with any diet. Fasting saves time. Most importantly, intermittent fasting works and is the most powerful weight loss tool. For more information, check out:

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0:00 Intro
0:19 What is fasting?
0:54 Fasting benefit – It’s simple
2:00 Fasting benefit – It’s convenient
3:34 Fasting benefit – It’s free
4:31 Fasting benefit – Can be used with any diet
5:52 Fasting benefit – It’s powerful

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