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The easy way to lose weight
I Tried Adele’s 40lb Weight Loss Program SIRTFOOD DIET

I Tried Adele’s 40lb Weight Loss Program SIRTFOOD DIET

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For 1 week I trained like Adele…
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… & epxerimented with some of the foods she ate to loss weight

I also open the discussion to you guys about the topic of celebrity weight loss, health, and media.

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About Me:
Hi I’m Keltie a former college basketball player turned Youtuber. Now traveling around Canada & the world, taking you guys around with me! Everyday trying to become a better person through my 30 day to 6 months challenges. From trying new forms of fitness, testing different nutrition trends, or diving into the world of famous celebrities & athletes. Then reminding you to life a joyful life through fitness, food, & travel in my Vlog series.

NOTE: I am not a Registered Dietician, all advice is my own personal Experience. If you have any specific questions regarding your own diet & nutrition I HIGHLY recommend speaking to a registered dictation
Here is a Registered Dietician I recommend:
Andy Credentials:
BASc Food & Nutrition, Master’s of Public Health in Nutrition, Registered Dietitian

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