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The easy way to lose weight

Hypnosis Scripts for Weight Loss (and Gain)

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Most people would love to achieve their desired weight and shape as a way of increasing their confidence and self-esteem, and it is important to deal with any emotional issues behind their weight issues.

These professionally written scripts can be used to help motivate your clients in their quest of achieving their desired weight and shape. They will also be better equipped to deal with triggers that lead to over or under-eating.

The scripts address issues such as boredom eating, over-indulging in food secretly (e.g. at night time), family obesity, lack of exercise and visualizing themselves going through a gastric band procedure in order to eat less.

There are also approaches for clients who want to fast – whether to lose weight or to detox – and approaches for maintaining that weight loss once it has been achieved.

Some people may want to eat healthier and enjoy more nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables or eat and drink more slowly. You can help your clients to appreciate and enjoy foods that in the past they were unable to tolerate – as well as sail through festivities such as Christmas and Thanksgiving that are often associated with huge and frequent feasts as they enjoy a healthier lifestyle and reach their target weight and shape.

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