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How Did Adele Lose Weight In 2020 (Sirtfood Diet)

How Did Adele Lose Weight In 2020 (Sirtfood Diet)

  • December 06, 2020
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AMAZING RESULTS!! But is it the best approach?

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Adele has gotten incredible results from her weight loss approach, as many of you already know. From my understanding she has chosen the SirtFood Diet as the best way for her to get those results. Now, I’m not saying it didn’t work or that you should try this approach yourself. What I’m asking is, is it the safest approach?

Sirtfoods are foods that unlock a certain protein group called Sirtuins, which are suppose to aid in weight loss, reduced inflammation, and also increase your lifespan. Many of the foods on this list definitely have beneficial properties and help with over health, that’s for sure. But restricting yourself down to these foods doesn’t seem logical to me.

Part of this diet is dropping down to 1,000 calories per day for the first 3 days which seems absolutely ridiculous to me. I don’t believe that is safe for most individuals or even necessary for anyone looking to lose wieght. There are many approaches to weight loss and this diet seems to be a little extreme for my taste.

I don’t believe you can get the right amount of nutrients we only 1,000 calories per day. Especially if you exercise on a regular basis, this diet doesn’t offer much room to get the right amount of protein for recovery. Plus, starving yourself through this diet will only lead to YoYo dieting once you’ve completed the phases.

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