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Heart Attack Survivor Rejects Mediterranean Diet As Heart-healthy

Heart Attack Survivor Rejects Mediterranean Diet As Heart-healthy

  • March 06, 2021
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Sherry was 56, a healthy weight, and eating a lean “Mediterranean diet” when a heart attack and major complications during bypass surgery caused her to flatline and almost die. After receiving Dr. Esselstyn’s book: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Sherry realized what she needed to do to regain her health.

All across the United States, people are transforming their lives with a plant-based diet. They are beating heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, obesity and cancer, and they want you to know that trying a vegan diet could change – or save – your life, too:

As well as containing refined oils and added sugars, the Standard American diet is typically heavy in meat, eggs and dairy, and is low in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. As a result, we are seeing a growing crisis of chronic disease, including some of the world’s biggest killers. Check out the testimony of a growing number of plant-based doctors who are promoting the healthcare benefits of a whole food plant-based diet:

The United States is the world’s most patriotic country, known globally for our national pride and devotion to our country, and our veterans are the most patriotic of all. They have risked everything to defend America. Watch these veterans’ stories…:

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