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Free Printable Keto Shopping List

Free Printable Keto Shopping List

  • January 21, 2021
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Free printable keto shopping list. The Keto Minimalist

Free printable keto shopping list. The Keto Minimalist

Life is hard but keto grocery shopping doesn’t have to be! Use this (minimalist) keto shopping list to help with weekly meal planning or use as a grab-and-go shopping list for super busy weeks.


What is a keto minimalist shopping list?

It is a super streamlined basic list of keto-friendly foods, not an overwhelming list of every single food you might eat on your keto journey. Let’s face it, we’re busy people. Looking at a list of 200 exotic ingredients is just visual and mental keto clutter.

I’ve simplified a list for you and you can tweak it to meet your own needs and own tastes.

Always remember simple is good, especially when it comes to following a keto diet.



How do you use the keto minimalist shopping list?

Use it as a grab-and-go shopping list for super busy weeks when you don’t have time to meal plan.

You know those weeks when you have 65,000 kids’ activities, and you have to work overtime, and the dog threw up again, and you’re going to have your homeowner’s association after you if you don’t cut the lawn ASAP?

We all have crazy busy weeks, but we still want to have healthy keto food on hand. If you can relate, just grab your list, choose a few foods from each category, and you’ll have healthy, keto food in the house.

Use the printable shopping list in combination with traditional meal planning.

The keto minimalist shopping list is a great checklist to be sure you have everything you need for an amazing week of keto eating.

Use the keto shopping list to challenge yourself to try new foods.

Being a keto minimalist is good for a lot of reasons…. it saves time, money, and mental drama. (See what being a keto minimalist means to me in this blog post: What is Keto Minimalism? A Manifesto.

Sometimes we might take our minimalism tendencies too far and eat the same foods over and over again. That’s fine, if it makes you happy. But if you have an adventurous spirit and occasionally want to try new things, use the printable keto shopping list as inspiration for new keto foods to try.

Free keto shopping list PDF

Free keto shopping list PDF

3 Simple Steps to Using Your Keto Minimalist Shopping List.

Step 1: Print the list or use it inside an app like GoodNotes 5.

Print several copies and keep them on your fridge.

Keto Minimalist Tip: Use your phone to snap a photo of the list (or take a screen shot) so you have the keto shopping list with you at all times.

If using the PDF in an app like GoodNotes, you can use a stylus or Apple Pencil to “write” on the list.

Step 2: Identify your keto essentials.

The Keto Minimalist Shopping list is actually a pretty comprehensive checklist of keto foods. Now you can declutter that list further. Grab a pen and…

  • Cross off any foods you don’t like or will not eat, or you very rarely buy. It’s not that you can never eat that food, you just don’t need to see it on the list if it is a rare thing.

  • Put a check mark in the box in front any foods you want on hand at all times. Do you have to have coffee, heavy cream, and butter every day? I do! Check those items so you don’t forget them.

  • Is there anything else you eat every week or you consider a keto essential? Write it in one of the blank spaces.


Step 3: Keep a copy of the keto shopping list on your fridge at all times.

Your list can be an ongoing shopping list. When you run low on a favorite keto food, put a check next to it so you can restock next time you grocery shop.

When you do your meal planning, check any foods you need for your recipes.

I hope you find the Keto Minimalist Shopping List to be super helpful for you on your keto journey. Be sure to share on Facebook or Pinterest so you keto friends can use it too!



Free printable keto shopping list. The Keto Minimalist

Free printable keto shopping list. The Keto Minimalist


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