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Fasting Vs. Cutting Calories? (The scientific advantage) | Jason Fung

Fasting Vs. Cutting Calories? (The scientific advantage) | Jason Fung

  • April 04, 2021
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Why intermittent fasting is much more effective for weight loss than simple calorie restriction. Fasting allows insulin to fall which allows the body to use its stores of body fat for energy, where simple cutting of calories may or may not do so. Just cutting calories does not fix the hormonal changes of obesity. For more, see

The Obesity Code:
The Complete Guide to Fasting:
The Diabetes Code –
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**Help with Fasting**:

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The Truth about Calories

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro
0:18 Type 2 diabetes reversal case study
1:16 Calories In Calories Out
1:52 Losing weight with calorie counting fails
2:51 Changing how we think about calories
3:55 What happens to the calories we eat
4:29 Energy balance during intermittent fasting
5:58 Why calorie counting doesn’t work
7:36 Intermittent Fasting regimen for reversing type 2 diabetes
8:24 Tips for intermittent fasting
8:54 Free resources for intermittent fasting

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