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The easy way to lose weight

FAQ & Help – The Trick All Natural Weight Loss Band

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Drink water to stay hydrated (flat, sparkling, or mineral) and black coffee or tea (hot or iced). Homemade bone broth also OK. Remember, anything that activates your fat storage hormones kicks your body out of fat burning mode.

Add to your water: You can add lime, lemon, or other fruit slices (do not eat the fruit). You can also add vinegars, especially apple cider vinegar, Himalayan salt, one tablespoon of chia or flaxseed to fill you up. 

Do not add to your water: Do not add sweeteners, powders, or drops even if they are sugarfree.

Coffee: Up to six cups of coffee caffeinated or decaffeinated throughout your day safely. Black is preferable, but you can add up to one tablespoon of certain fats to each cup of coffee (coconut oil, MCT oil, butter, heavy whipping cream, half and half, whole milk, stay away from skim or low fat, ground cinnamon for flavor, no powered dairy products).

Herbal teas: help suppress appetite. Green tea, cinnamon chai tea, black tea, or oolong tea are acceptable. Unsweetened and up to a tablespoon of certain fats, same as above.

Homemade broth: good source of electrolytes. Consume as much homemade broth as you need if necessary. You can add any leafy vegetable that grows above the ground and ground flaxseed. Avoid all store bought broths.

Hunger does not progress, it comes in and out in waves. Distract yourself or drink a full glass of water. It will be gone by the end. If you have binges, don’t worry or keep the band on to help. Keep taking little steps toward your goal. The binge-eating will subside as your body and brain adapt to the new eating rhythm. Stay on track and things will stabilize.

Experiment to personalize your delayed eating plan! Find out what you can and can’t eat that still enables you to lose weight and maintain it. Allow three weeks to evaluate the effect on your weight loss of introducing something new.

If you are maintaining your weight instead of losing, you may find you can be more lax.

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