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Eat Stop Eat Review – Frequently Asked Questions!

Eat Stop Eat Review – Frequently Asked Questions!

  • November 21, 2020
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In this Eat Stop Eat review, we are going to find out the answer to the question, “Can you really lose weight while having pizza, burger or any of your favorite junk foods?”

YES, YOU CAN!* Terms & Conditions apply. Keep reading to find out what that means.

Let me help you cover this simple topic with a simple question and answer approach.

Q: Would you recommend having junk food every day? Won’t it damage your body in the long run?

A: I personally would NOT recommend to malnourish your body with JUNK food ALL THE TIME. It’s OK to have them in random, but having them everyday is not going to impact your fat loss efforts if you do it right. I just made the statement to show you that losing weight does NOT have to be so complicated.

Q: How can you possible imaging losing weight while having junk food everyday?

A: I don’t have to image it. I have followed this approach all my life. My wife started it before we got married and she got amazing results. It’s not my theory. I learnt it from a wonderful kindle book I purchased at It’s called Eat-Stop Eat.

This is the link to the kindle book version – It’s slightly more expensive than at the authors direct site I like the kindle version since it syncs with all my devices.

Q: It sounds impossible. Is there a particular technique you have to follow to enjoy this eye-opening freedom when it comes to enjoying food?

A: If you read Eat-Stop Eat, you will find out the science behind the entire fasting approach that you have to follow. It’s all over the internet. It’s called Intermittent Fasting. (I see you running away the moment you saw the word “Fasting“) – Haha!

According to Brad Pilon, the author of Eat-Stop-Eat, diet is a lifestyle. You have to follow an approach you can be consistent with you entire life. It should not break you from a simple and sociable lifestyle.

Q: Could you give a brief explanation on how this Eat Stop Eat fasting system works?

A: There is nothing much to it. I am not going to cover the science behind how it works (That would be unfair to the author, read this book to know about that). The basic protocol is that you fast for 24 hours – once or two times a week.

During this fasting, you cannot eat anything. You can drink water, and have zero calorie beverages such as coffee or tea. The idea is to get you to a calorie deficit position.

It will be tough the first 2 to 3 times you do it, but it gets easier later on. I actually look forward to these fasts. I’ve never been more productive. The clarity and focus is un-imaginable.

The science explains that during this period you burn a LOT of fat, GH and T levels increase and many other health benefits can be seen.

Q: What makes Eat-Stop-Eat different from all the other intermittent fasting methods on the internet?

A: There are many approaches, like

  • 16/8 fasting – Fast 16 hours everyday
  • 5:2 fasting – Fast 2 days a week (eating 500 – 600 calories on fasting day)
  • Warrior diet – fast all day, one huge meal at night (within 4 hours)
  • Eat Stop Eat – fast 24 hours – once or twice a week

Unlike Eat-Stop Eat, the other approaches require a lot of discipline, macro ratios allocated, and a weak social life. If that’s acceptable to you, by all means follow any of them.

The end result is weight loss by means of calorie deficit and that’s we all desire, whatever the means.

Q: Other intermittent fasting methods look promising – Why do you say Eat Stop Eat is better?

A: Eat Stop Eat is a better approach to anyone with a sociable lifestyle. You fast once to maintain weight or twice a week to lose weight. You’ve got the rest of the week to enjoy your favorite food and drink (in moderation). Other diet approaches require strict protocols when it comes to time.

Q: You have just explained everything we need to know to start Intermittent Fasting using Eat Stop Eat method. Why should we spend on the book?

A: I have not told you everything. Once again, that would be unfair to the author. In the book, you will find much more:

  • Brad Pilon shows how he uses Eat Stop Eat to be ripped all year long, while eating ice cream every night (except fasting days), all while being a parent.
  • The book explains the science behind each health benefit that you gain from fasting.
  • The book explains what happens to your body at each hour of your fasting period, and the hour you burn fat the most – pretty motivational.
  • Brad Pilon gives a very simplistic approach to fasting depending on your goals – burn fat, build muscle, stay at maintenance mode.
    • How many calories on average should eat enjoy on non fasting days
    • How often should you fast in a week
    • Can you fast more than 24 hours
    • Why body-fat % is superior than checking body weight
    • Recommended meals before you start a fast and after you end a fast.
    • What you can and CANNOT have while in fasting mode
    • The minimum hours you can fast to get results.
    • Which workout is best to get results
    • Is cardio really important – prepare to be amazed!

There is much more you will learn out of Eat Stop Eat book, but it’s your choice to fast with or WITHOUT knowledge.

The point to be made here is the INTERMITTENT FASTING is a simple diet approach to follow if you want to lose weight WHILE enjoying your favorite JUNK FOOD in moderation. You may by all means follow any fasting approach you like, but be consistent with one and I guarantee you will see the difference.

If you are interested in following the Eat Stop Eat approach,  I recommend you read the science of it by reading the book. It’s a short read, but biology has never been so interestingly written. We hope you enjoyed the Q & A style review of the Eat Stop Eat program.

Learn more about the program at Click Here to get the kindle version of the program from




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