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Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes and Meal Ideas

Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes and Meal Ideas

  • September 18, 2020
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According to the famous website Mayo Clinic, Mediterranean food has been winning “Best Diet” awards for years. Not only that following a Mediterranean diet can also reduce the risk of a heart attack.

The best part of the Mediterranean diet is that you don’t have to do any rigorous planning to keep it. You can do this for the rest of your life and never feel like you are actually dieting. In fact, studies show you can lose weight on the Mediterranean diet without cutting any calories.

I’m talking about some Mediterranean diet recipes here. Make a list of your favorite diet foods from within and give your life a new dimension. The best way to do this is to make an entire week’s meal plan and stick to it. You can change the diet of the list whenever you want because as mentioned earlier there are no strict rules for keeping this diet.

So, here are some Mediterranean diet recipes that can help you to gain knowledge about Mediterranean diet concepts. Also, all these dishes are personally tested by me. I know there are many more recipes on the market but I mostly liked them. So let’s get started.

Mediterranean Diet Recipes

1. Salmon Souvlaki Bowls

Salmon Souvlaki Bowls

This is another type of Mediterranean meal made in Greek skewers and contains grilled red meat or vegetable or salmon. The salmon is marinated and grilled before being assembled with couscous, colorful vegetables, and tzatziki.

Get the recipe: Salmon Souvlaki Bowls.

2. Stuffed Peppers with Mediterranean Spiced Quinoa

Stuffed Peppers with Mediterranean Spiced Quinoa

It’s a type of stuffing mainly based on peppers. The peppers are stuffed with kalamata olives, pesto, chickpea, and feta cheese. It’s one of the great Mediterranean diet recipes.

Get the recipe: Stuffed Peppers with Mediterranean Spiced Quinoa.

3. The Ultimate Mediterranean Bowl

For those who have never tasted good Mediterranean cuisine, this delicious meal is the first to leave. In one of these dishes, you can taste all the delicious dishes of falafel, parsley salad, hummus, and olives.

Get the recipe: The Ultimate Mediterranean Bowl.

4. Mediterranean Potato Hash with Asparagus, Chickpeas, and Poached Eggs

Mediterranean Potato Hash with Asparagus, Chickpeas, and Poached Eggs

A Mediterranean Breakfast with a hash of potatoes with asparagus, broccoli and poached eggs on top. A tasteful and nutrient-packed meal to start your day.

Get the recipe: Pinterest

5. Israeli Pasta Salad

Israeli Pasta Salad

After making this veg-packed salad, if you leave it in the fridge for 2 days and then eat it, you will get the real test. If you have many guests coming to your house, you can serve them this dish too.

Get the recipe: Israeli Pasta Salad

6. Cauliflower Pizza with Greek Yogurt Pesto and Grilled Veggies

Cauliflower Pizza with Greek Yogurt Pesto and Grilled Veggies

This pizza made with nutrient-rich grilled veggies, eggs, Greek yogurt, and delicious herbs and spices. Cauliflower is another key ingredient of this pizza. It contains relatively low protein, low carbs, and low fat.

Get the recipe: Pinterest.

7. Barley Recipe with Roasted Vegetables

Mediterranean Barley Recipe with Roasted Vegetables

This is a kind of barley recipe made with some fresh vegetables, spices and olive oil. This Mediterranean style barley is perfect for lunch.

Get the recipe: Pinterest.

8. Mediterranean Roasted Cabbage Steaks with Basil Pesto and Feta

Mediterranean Roasted Cabbage Steaks with Basil Pesto and Feta

Do you want to eat a vegetarian keto recipe that tastes like pizza? Yes, this Mediterranean meal is a delicious pizza that includes tomatoes, chopped artichokes, basil pesto and two types of cheese. So if you want you can eat this meal on two types of diet.

Get the recipe: Pinterest.

9. Greek Shrimp Farro Bowl

Greek Shrimp Farro Bowl

If you have never tried farro, you can try this beautiful dish once. When returning home from the office you can buy farro from a shopping mall or grocery store. This meal is a great source of fiber, calcium, and vitamins.

Get the recipe: Greek Farro Bowl.

10. One-Pot Greek Chicken with Lemon Rice

One-Pot Greek Chicken with Lemon Rice

This is one of the foods on my list. This one meal has many different flavors. This might not be a traditional Greek recipe, its main ingredients like chicken, olive oil and oregano make this meal a deliciously Mediterranean food dish.

Get the recipe: One-Pot Greek Chicken with Lemon Rice.

11. Greek Turkey Meatball Gyro with Tzatziki

Greek Turkey Meatball Gyro with Tzatziki

This is one of my favorite Mediterranean diet recipes. Swap in ground turkey for lamb in this gyro recipe. The homemade tzatziki with Greek yogurt, cucumber, lemon juice, and dill takes the wrap to the next level.

Get the recipe: Pinterest.

12. Spinach, Feta, and Artichoke Matzo Mina

Spinach, Feta, and Artichoke Matzo Mina

This Greek-style casserole is a very ideal meal. These include dill, lemon zest, and many other flavors. It’s a great meal for vegetarians and it can also serve as a side dish.

Get the recipe: Spinach, Feta, and Artichoke Matzo Mina.

Mediterranean Salad with Grilled Chicken Skewers

If you are looking for a good meal for dinner in your diet, you can try this salad full of fat and protein and vegetables. In addition, if you are looking for green food, you can try this vitamin A, vitamin K and an iron-based dish that is made with spinach and lettuce. It’s really awesome.

Get the recipe: Pinterest.

Greek Salad Tacos

This Greek salad is one of the classic salads that bring your lunch to a different level. During your Mediterranean diet, you can try making this dish dressing with cucumber and dill.
This recipe is very easy to make. You can use either grilled chicken or pre-cooked slice chicken. With the only ingredients leftover with grilled chicken, you can make this dish very easily and quickly.

Get the recipe: Greek Salad Tacos.

15. Slow Cooker Mediterranean Chicken

Slow Cooker Mediterranean Chicken

This is a slow cooker recipe. This chicken dish takes very little ingredients to make and is a very useful dish for the Mediterranean diet. It is made in a slow cooker by mixing well with chopped onion, fried dried red chili, and olives.

Get the recipe: Pinterest.

16. Greek Quesadillas – a Mediterranean diet

Greek Quesadillas - Mediterranean diet recipes

Boiled spinach, lightly fried tomatoes, olives, and feta are the main ingredients of this meal. This is a very common Greek food. This meal is a great Mediterranean dish, complete with home-made tzatziki sauce.

Get the recipe: Greek Quesadillas.

17. Mediterranean Sautéed Shrimp with Herb Sauce

Mediterranean Sautéed Shrimp with Herb Sauce

This Mediterranean dish is also very easy to make and can be made with very little ingredients. You can easily make this meal with juicy shrimp, Chermoula, salt, and pepper.

Get the recipe: Pinterest.

Hearty Mediterranean Salad with Balsamic Chicken - Mediterranean diet recipes

This vegetable-filled salad is a perfect meal for a Mediterranean lunch. This meal made with fresh bread, chicken, chickpeas, peppers, tomato, and zucchini is just delicious and, above all, you will not feel that you are in any kind of diet when eating this high fiber dish.

Get the recipe: Heart Mediterranean Salad with Balsamic Chicken

19. Garlic Herb Roasted Salmon

Garlic Herb Roasted Salmon - Mediterranean diet recipes

Salmon is at the top of the healthy Mediterranean diet foods list. Flavor it with garlic, herbs, lemon juice, butter, and mustard, and it transforms into a decadent (but still super-healthy) dish within 20 minutes.

Get the recipe: Pinterest.

20. Tapenade Chicken Pasta with Runner Beans

Tapenade Chicken Pasta with Runner Beans - Mediterranean diet recipes

This is a type of pasta recipe made with anchovy fish, olive sauce, tomato, basil, and cilantro. Also, a little more lemon is used in this dish. It’s not too difficult to make and you can easily make it in 30 minutes.

Get the recipe: Tapenade chicken pasta with runner beans.

Chicken Drumstick Recipe [KFC Style]

Now make Chicken Drumstick is very easy at home. Also, it’s a very good way to tender your family. The coating process is different and I think it’s tastier because I love this. It’s a double coated Drumstick

Check out this recipeChicken Drumsticks Recipe

21. Quinoa Stuffed Eggplant with Tahini Sauce

Quinoa Stuffed Eggplant with Tahini Sauce - Mediterranean diet recipes

This Mediterranean dish is a very simple recipe that you can eat as a dinner on the busiest days of the week. Simply add the tossed tomatoes, mushrooms and quinoa to a half-sliced ​​eggplant, and bake it well until it is well baked. Also, you can use some more vegetables and spices. After all, spread the homemade tahini sauce over it and serve.

Get the recipe: Pinterest.

Mediterranean Flatbread Pizza - Mediterranean diet recipes

Yes, you heard that right. You can also eat pizza during the diet. This Mediterranean diet-friendly healthy pizza can be made with pita or naan bread. You can make this delicious pizza at home with some cheese and white beans spinach pesto.

Get the recipe: Mediterranean Flatbread Pizza.

23. Mediterranean Chopped Salad

Mediterranean Chopped Salad - Mediterranean diet recipes

Prevent yourself from eating the same kind of salad daily and try something new. This salad is made with a variety of vegetables, which is one of the best Mediterranean recipes. This salad is made with ingredients like capers, olives, avocado, and apricots. Introduce yourself and your family to a new taste of salad without having to wait.

Get the recipe: Mediterranean Chopped Salad.

24. Tuna Niçoise Lettuce Wraps

Tuna Niçoise Lettuce Wraps - Mediterranean diet recipes

This recipe is very easy to find in all the recipes on my list. Vinaigrette the stuffing made with tuna fish, potatoes and serve with a layer of lettuce. This you can eat at tiffin or lunch.
Also, you can make a sandwich with it. (I think sweet potatoes are a good substitute for normal potato.)

Get the recipe: Tuna Niçoise Lettuce Wraps.

25. Mediterranean Nachos – a Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean Nachos - Mediterranean diet recipes

This Mediterranean Nachos topping with feta cheese, tomatoes, Peperoncino, olives and tzatziki sauce is very common. It is used as a scare to beet, turnips and sweet potato chips. Spicy chickpeas and yogurt sauce are used with it. All in all, a wonderful meal.

Get the recipe: Mediterranean Nachos.

26. Greek Super Grains Salad

Greek Super Grains Salad

It’s also a very colorful salad. This salad made of traditional Greek flavors is made with three-colored bell peppers, cucumber, sliced ​​tomatoes, feta cheese, and olives. All the vegetables are chopped and tossed together in a container.
You can mix a little quinoa if you like. This salad tastes better if you use a little red wine and olive oil.

Get the recipe:  Greek Super Grains Salad.

27. Spanish Garlic Shrimp – a Mediterranean diet

Spanish Garlic Shrimp - Mediterranean diet recipes

There are many types of dishes that can be made with shrimp and also there are many traditional foods on our list which we will discuss later. Just like this ‘Spanish Garlic Shrimp’, it is just as nutritious as it’s testes. This recipe is applicable to both the Paleo diet or the Mediterranean diet. This dish has a lot of healthy fats and also can keep your heart healthy.

Get the recipe: Pinterest.

28. Avgolemono Chicken Soup with Rice

Avgolemono Greek Lemon Chicken Soup - Mediterranean diet recipes

Avgolemono is a Greek chicken soup made from chicken, egg yolk and lemon juice. This is a pretty delicious soup in the Mediterranean diet.

Get the recipe: Avgolemono Greek Lemon Chicken Soup.

These are all Mediterranean diet recipes from me, which I have collected all over the Internet. Next, when I check out some new Mediterranean dishes, I will definitely update it on my list. So don’t worry and try all these dishes one by one to maintain the perfect Mediterranean diet without any conditions.

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