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Dr Oz Mediterranean Diet Grocery List Printable + Rocco DiSpirito

  • October 20, 2020
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Dr Oz: Printable Mediterranean Diet Grocery List

For any Monday Dieters out there who want to get back on track after over-indulging over the weekend, Dr Oz has just the Mediterranean Diet Grocery List that you need to start making healthier decisions, today. Reports all over the world have reported that the Mediterranean diet is best for heart health and brain boosting benefits. Additionally, it’s a great diet for keeping the weight off long term. Mondays are a great day to get started on a new diet (hence Dr. Oz’s Monday Dieters segments) and who better to help Dr Oz out than chef Rocco DiSpirito? You will love the printable shopping list on the next page…

Dr Oz: Mediterranean Diet Shopping List

Dr Oz: Mediterranean Diet & Grains, Healthy Fats, Protein Staples

Rocco DiSpirito and Dr Oz explained why the Mediterranean diet is more like a lifestyle and how it can transform your health for the better. ([email protected] / Flickr)

Rocco joined the show with a bottle of red wine in hand, explaining that it’s one of the healthiest drinks of the planet thanks to the polyphenols. While visiting the Mediterranean region, Rocco learned that the Mediterranean diet is the only sustainable diet plan for life. However, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle and it works as well as it does because it tastes so good.

Dr Oz: Mediterranean Lifestyle

Mondays are one of the best days to go shopping so you can get everything you need for the week. Plus, your grocery or supermarket likely just replenished its stock which means you’re getting the freshest food they have to offer. Fortunately, we have all the ingredients necessary for a Mediterranean lifestyle available right here in the United States.  So lets get started with the first category of food we need to buy, on the next page…

Dr Oz: 50% Carbs on Mediterranean Diet

In a Mediterranean diet, 50% of the diet is carbohydrates. But not just any carbohydrates: whole grains. Some great options include Ezekiel bread, quinoa, or whole wheat pasta. Ezekiel bread uses sprouted grains and as Rocco explained, when you sprout a grain, it becomes a live vegetable. You’ll need to look in the refrigerated or freezer section of the grocery for Ezekiel bread. Quinoa is a complete protein great for your diet.  Now onto the next page for the second category of food that we need…

Dr Oz: 25% Fat on Mediterranean Diet

The rest of the calories of a Mediterranean diet come from fat and proteins, 25% of each. But again, you’re using healthy fats like olive oil, almonds, nuts, chia seeds. Just be sure to avoid honey-roasted and heavily salted nuts. Garlic is great to ward off bacteria and boost the metabolism. You can also add oregano, dill, or basil for a flavor boost and added nutrients.

Dr Oz: 25% Protein on Mediterranean Diet

As for protein, fresh tuna and wild salmon are great options. Avoid fried fish unless sautéed in olive oil. You could also go for chicken breast but red meat only on occasion. Fish are most popular. Rocco couldn’t wait to grab berries, peppers, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, and more from his “live produce section” filled with audience members.

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