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Does Cutting Down on Salt Promote Weight Loss? Find Out

Does Cutting Down on Salt Promote Weight Loss? Find Out

  • October 27, 2021
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Weight loss tips: According to experts, you can have dinner that is low on salt to prevent weight gain. But, will cutting down on salt really help you? Here’s what we know.

Weight Loss Tips: Does Cutting Down on Salt Promote Weight Loss?Salt for weight loss

Salt for weight loss: When people are on a weight loss journey, they often eliminate major nutrients and minerals from their diet which is one of the biggest mistakes. There are plenty of fad diets available on the internet, that will initially help you shed kilos quickly- but in the longer run, you will eventually gain that weight back. Many people when trying to lose weight try to eliminate salt to reach their goal. But did you know, sodium is a crucial electrolyte that helps maintain fluid balance? Salt plays a major role in muscle function. However, going overboard on salt can result in high cholesterol, high blood pressure, bloating, and kidney complication. Then what’s the solution? According to experts, you can have dinner that is low on salt to prevent weight gain.Also Read – Dangers of Ignoring Your Back Pain And Spine Problems

Weight Loss Tips: Can salt-free dinner assist weight loss?

Dr Shikha Sharma in her book, 101 Weight Loss Tips wrote, “It is advisable to have a salt-free dinner than going salt-free the entire day. A salt-free diet helps to shed weight by water loss in the body.” Also Read – Lifestyle Changes And Tips to Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Nutritionist Shilpi Arora told NDTV, “sodium is an essential mineral required by the body. Rather than opting for salt-free diets that are not sustainable, the best idea is to finish dinner by 7 PM as the body will respond much better and address water retention and bloating in a better way.” Also Read – IVF Treatment: Food And Diet Tips For Those Who Are Trying to Conceive Via IVF

Fact: Sodium does not cause weight gain, it can cause bloating and water retention. You may be gaining water weight and not fat.

According to experts, cutting back on salt in the evening can help in weight loss. According to the NDTV report, during nights the metabolism is slow, and therefore one should not eat anything heavy to digest, instead have more veggies that are full of fibre. Consuming fresh veggies and fruits helps in removing toxins from the body. You can also have potassium-rich food.

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