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The easy way to lose weight
Check Out What I’m Reading…

Check Out What I’m Reading…

  • December 21, 2020
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Here’s a real head-scratcher for you — it’s something everyone seems to believe about weight loss. And it may be the reason you struggle with your weight…

Think about this… Almost every diet, weight loss pill, supplement or program is telling you to consume MORE of something.

They quietly convince you that eating less is hard, scary, bad for you, and that it’s just not right… and they leave out the fact that it’s the only real solution to permanent weight control.

Instead, why aren’t they telling you about the ONE thing that actually makes it easier to eat less?

It’s a simple way of eating that mimics the way your ancestors ate. It’s what kept them slim and healthy. And it’s what your body still craves today…

The simple and unpopular truth is: you need to limit how much you eat in order to lose weight. So why isn’t that what you are hearing? Simple…

Scientific studies that tell you to “consume” less are not sexy — and they don’t get the same backing and marketing dollars as studies that hint you can buy a pill, eat a certain food, or purchase a certain supplement and still lose weight…

Take heart though. Because even those things don’t work, there’s still good news…

What if you only had to “diet” one or two days a week to lose weight? Here’s what I mean…

When you don’t eat you get hungry, right?…

And when you’re trying to follow a diet, doesn’t it feel like your tummy is rumbling ALL the time?

It’s like you’re running a marathon and the finish line keeps getting pushed away. There’s never a day or a time when you are allowed to just NOT feel hungry. However…

Imagine feeling hunger ONLY once or twice a week for a specific amount of time—and still getting the same or BETTER weight loss results as when you have to diet every single day…

And the rest of the time your belly feels full and happy… And you are never even thinking about your next meal.

Wouldn’t that lift a weight off your shoulders?

The method I’m talking about is a specific way to do something nutritionists call Intermittent Fasting (IF). However the method you’re about to discover is very different to what you may have heard about…

It’s a simple method of Intermittent Fasting called Eat Stop Eat — developed by international author, speaker and nutrition expert Brad Pilon.

You’ll only ever use this method once or twice a week, depending on your goal.

And get this… you never go a single day without enjoying a completely normal meal. Now…

Think about your ancestors. They naturally had cycles of high and low calories. Really that’s all you’re doing when you practice Eat Stop Eat.

Listen: if you’re like most folks new to this simple yet powerful weight loss and health enhancing strategy, you may think these brief periods without eating could feel limiting. But it’s the exact opposite.

Remember: when you’re on a diet you feel hungry all the time, right?

Yet when you’re following the Eat Stop Eat method you’re hungry just once or twice a week at most.

That’s it! And you still get all the weight loss benefits of constant dieting. In fact most folks get BETTER results.

And guess what… the hunger never gets any worse than your normal hunger between meals that you CONSTANTLY suffer from when you’re on a diet.

Wait! What?

“Instead of being hungry ALL THE TIME — like when you’re on a diet — you can limit your hunger to only one or two days a week?…”

Yes! And you won’t be any more or less hungry than on a diet. But you’ll be FREE from hunger the rest of the week. And you’ll be free to eat whatever you want.

FREEDOM is the reward you get from Eat Stop Eat.

Now, the author of Eat Stop Eat — Brad Pilon — has studied over 317 peer reviewed scientific research papers. He continues to devour every new piece of scientific evidence linked to Intermittent Fasting. And…

He discovered the benefits of the simple strategy he created are shocking, and go way beyond simple weight loss. Here’s what you can expect…

In the pages of Eat Stop Eat, the author explains the research* behind what happens in your body when you use this surprising strategy:
  • An Increase In Your #1 Fat Burning Hormone By 700%
  • Control of Your “Hunger Hormone” and an End to Cravings
  • A Decrease In Your Stress Hormone So You Burn More Belly Fat
  • Increase in Your Brain Function For Better Memory and Concentration
  • And a Boost In Your Metabolism & Energy
  • Reduced Risk of Diabetes & an Easing of Symptoms
  • Increased Testosterone If You’re a Man
  • Increased Insulin Sensitivity So You Can Eat More & Stay Slim
  • Faster Weight Loss
  • Decreased Inflammation So Your Joints Heal & Feel Better
  • Rapid Cleansing & Renewal of Your Body At a Cellular Level
  • And much more…

Brad’s Eat Stop Eat uses no-nonsense language. It explains the science of exactly WHY Intermittent Fasting — done right — delivers all these powerful and lasting benefits…

Listen: when Brad started his research into Intermittent Fasting he was actually 100% opposed to it. He thought you had to eat every 2-3 hours to reach your weight loss goals. But he had to eat his words when the research became clear.

The science* is clearly showing that:

– Your metabolism will never be damaged by the Eat Stop Eat method of fasting, in fact the research shows your fat burning metabolism will actually increase
– Even the more exaggerated methods of Intermittent Fasting will not reduce your lean muscle mass
– You will not feel a decrease in energy while intermittent fasting, in fact it has been shown to increase alertness and concentration

Plus, you don’t have to take our word for any of this. All this and more is referenced by Brad in the book. And you’ll see and feel the results for yourself after even the first day of using the protocol.

Here’s how Brad describes this handy manual:

“Have you ever skipped the complicated instructions when setting up some new software on your computer, and then regretted it? That’s me… I always want to skip ahead and just get started. That’s why I created the Quick Start Guide for you. You’ll get a running start so you can quickly enjoy the benefits of Eat Stop Eat within minutes of receiving the book.”

Yet the real beauty of the Eat Stop Eat book is in how simply Brad describes exactly what happens in your body when you eat, and when you don’t. It’s a quick read. And when you put it down you’ll feel like you probably know as much about nutrition as most diet professionals.

Thanks to a new arrangement with the author, Eat Stop Eat is now available to CLK*books customers only at a big discount. To get it now at this special price just use the link on this page to secure the exclusive deal for CLK*books customers only.

* Over 317 Research Papers Supporting the Eat Stop Eat Method

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