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Best Keto Meal Delivery Services of 2021

Best Keto Meal Delivery Services of 2021

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Service Lowest Price per Serving Minimum Order Number of Meal Plans Delivery Area States Serving Sizes Available
Best Overall
$11 $60  23  48
Fresh n’ Lean
Best Organic
$7.93 $51.25  14  50 1
Green Chef
Best for Preparing at Home
$9.99 $59.94 9 48 2, 4, 6
Best for Weight Loss
$10 $138 N/A 48 1
Best for Foodies
$14 $90 56 Multiple metro areas and regions 1
Ketoned Bodies
Most Eco-Friendly
$14 $160 36 48 1
Snap Kitchen
Best Gluten-Free
$9.50 $70 8 38+ (some states not completely served) 1
Pete’s Paleo
Best Frozen
$16 $89 10 50 1
Paleo On The Go
Best for One-Time Orders
$19 $99 74 50 1

A keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that takes into account daily macros of protein, carbs, and fat. To enter a metabolic state known as ketosis, dieters limit carb intake so that the body burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. Following the standard ketogenic diet (SKD) means eating 70 to 75 percent fat, 20 percent protein, and 5 to 10 percent carbohydrates. The targeted ketogenic diet (TKD) involves eating carbohydrates 30 minutes to an hour before or after exercise, while following the cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD) means you would eat 450 to 600 grams of carbohydrates two days a week and 50 grams per day on the other five days.

Selecting the right keto meal delivery service for you depends on several factors. Are you looking for a service based on cost? Are the meals only for you, or are you trying to feed another person as well? Other deciding factors include whether the ingredients are organic and the service’s delivery area.

Each plan is different. Some offer customization of the carb count with different menu options. Others allow for other custom orders. For example, Territory lets you customize both the meal plan as well as serving size.

Check with your plan before ordering. Not all keto meal delivery services use organic ingredients. Those that do, such as Green Chef, mention the use of organic ingredients.

Prices range from under $8 with Fresh n’ Lean to $19 per serving with Paleo On The Go. Some services offer free shipping, while others do not.

The best keto meal delivery services were chosen based on a variety of criteria, including cost, customization, time spent in the kitchen, and the quality of ingredients. We searched for companies that truly cater to the needs of keto dieters when coming up with this list. We also prioritized those that build their meals on high-quality ingredients. And nobody wants to be frustrated by the ordering process, so we looked for companies with easy-to-navigate websites that are transparent about their pricing, plans, packaging, and shipping.

Read our methodology to see how we rated each meal delivery service.

The Spruce Eats does not provide medical advice, so before signing up for any of our keto meal delivery recommendations, it’s best to consult with a healthcare professional to make sure it’s a service that fits your dietary wants and/or requirements.

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