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Adele’s Weight Loss Has Inspired Women To Follow Her Diet Too And The Results Are AMAZING

Adele’s Weight Loss Has Inspired Women To Follow Her Diet Too And The Results Are AMAZING

  • November 20, 2020
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This weekend Adele hosted “Saturday Night Live” and she worked her stunning new look. We were shocked a couple of months ago by a birthday post that showed the songstress with an amazing new physique. Her secret was the Sirtfood diet and she’s inspired many others to follow that path.

In the last year, the singer’s drawn a lot of attention on her weightloss journey. Some fans expressed concern at the unhealthiness of the amount shed. Mostly she has received great praise and admiration for what has been accomplished. 

The Not-So Secret to Adele’s Weight Loss

The 32-year-old Adele was able to achieve this transformation in part with the Sirtfood diet. A diet program that originates from the UK which focuses on a specific protein: sirtuin. The diet puts focus on things like blueberries, buckwheat and kale, but also allows for dark chocolate and red wine. In the first phase, dieters could see a loss of 7 pounds in the first week through a series of strict calorie limits. After that, as long as it’s Sirtfood filled, you can relatively eat as normal.

Her results are incredible and it’s gotten others motivated to try Sirtfood diets in hopes of achieving the same. 

Becky Beach, a 38-year-old mother from Arlington, Texas has shed 30 pounds since starting the diet in December. “[Adele’s] sudden weight loss inspired me – she looks amazing” she shares. She is pleased not only by the weight shed but she’s also seen improvements in her sleep.

Stephanie Alba, 25, simply got fed up with the pandemic lifestyle and searched for inspiration. “Adele was someone who was relatable,” said Alba, noting similar body types. After seeing what Adele did to lose weight, she read up on the Sirtfood diet. Within 3 months she has already seen 20 pounds lost. She also boasts that her skin has cleared up and she feels more energetic. 

Adele’s dietary success is one to applaud. While these ladies and many others have already been inspired, there is no doubt her journey will continue to do the same. 

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