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Adele’s Recent Weight Loss Has Her ‘Looking Really Amazing,’ Nutritionist And Fitness Expert Says

Adele’s Recent Weight Loss Has Her ‘Looking Really Amazing,’ Nutritionist And Fitness Expert Says

  • December 12, 2020
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Adele is looking slimmer and happier than ever, and a fitness expert said that the singer’s efforts to get into shape are really starting to show.

As The Inquisitr reported, the singer showed off her newly trimmed-down figure this week as she attended rapper Drake’s birthday party. Adele has steadily been dropping pounds for the last few months, showing off her new body back in June as she posed for a picture with the Spice Girls, Us Weekly noted.

Now, a noted nutrition and fitness expert is sounding off on Adele’s new look. Ray Abdwell told Us Weekly that it looks like Adele has dropped somewhere around 20 pounds, and the results are noticeable across all parts of her body.

“Adele is looking really amazing. You can see from pictures of her six months ago to now, her skin looks brighter and she is looking much more slim,” Abdwell said. “Given her height, I’d say she lost around 15 to 20 pounds.”

The outlet published some photos of Adele’s now-slimmer figure, and Abdwell pointed out where the weight loss could be seen most clearly.

“In these new pictures, you can see much more definition in her clavicle, the weight loss through her arms and her legs. Her jaw is much more sculpted as well. She has lost fat evenly from all parts of her body,” he shared.

Adele has been open about her new dedication to fitness since her split with her husband of three years, Simon Konecki. As Shape noted, the singer has actually been on a health journey for the past several years, saying in 2015 that she had given up smoking and cut back on her drinking as well. She also cut out foods that were detrimental to her singing, which included cutting back on caffeinated drinks.

Adele had already dropped some weight around this time as she grew more dedicated to the gym and strengthened her diet regimen. However, she pushed back when some people still made negative comments about her weight. In an interview with 60 Minutes Australia, Adele said that she didn’t let the criticism bother her and wondered why people paid so much attention to her weight.

“I don’t care anyway. You don’t see music, you listen to music, so what does it even matter?” Adele said.

But now, Adele is getting plenty of compliments about her weight loss, with many fans taking to social media to commend her for the trimmed-down new look.

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