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Adele’s Former Trainer Says This Is How the Singer Lost So Much Weight

Adele’s Former Trainer Says This Is How the Singer Lost So Much Weight

  • March 17, 2021
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The first dramatic body transformation of the new year no doubt goes to Adele, who made headlines this weekend when images of her recent tropical vacation to Anguilla with fellow British superstars Harry Styles and James Corden went viral.

The images left many fans shocked and concerned, and others wondering how exactly she did it.

To the latter point, The New York Post has speculated that she took on the sirtfood diet, a controversial program that calls for dieters to eat appetite-suppressing foods like kale, buckwheat, and matcha. Others posited that her weight loss was due to a new fitness regimen with celebrity trainer Joe Wicks. (“I can’t confirm that,” Wicks reportedly told British news show This Morning.) But according to Camila Goodis, an L.A.-based pilates instructor and Adele’s former trainer, the “Skyfall” songstress did it the old-fashioned way: by eating a balanced diet, with a little bit of exercise.

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“It’s about smart eating,” Goodis told us.

According to Goodis, 90 percent of Adele’s weight loss can be credited to her dieting habits. Just 10 percent can be chalked up to an exercise program of pilates and weightlifting.

“I believe she may have her own nutritionist now and she doesn’t love to exercise,” she said. “My advice to her is to get her meals at home, stay way from pure sugar, processed foods, and the bad carbs.”

That’s some sound advice we can get behind. And if you’re looking to start your own weight-loss journey this year, don’t miss these 20 Food Swaps That Double Weight Loss.

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