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The easy way to lose weight
Adele /Weight Loss/ *SECRET*

Adele /Weight Loss/ *SECRET*

  • August 05, 2020
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A weight loss, quick fat burning celebrity programme, follow my journey to see how l got on with loosing a huge amount of weight as used by celebrity singer Adele and boxer David Haye.

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A diet that allows you to drink red wine and eat chocolate

What is sirt food diet:

Consuming a low calorie restricted diet for 1-3 days by consuming only 1000 calories (its easier than you think see below on how l did this)

On day 4-7 you increase calories to 1500

After day 7 you enter the maintenance period for 14 days by having only 1 green juice and 3 sirt food meals (if this seems complicated just watch the video, its simple and easy to follow)

Juice recipe also on my instagram account

How l did this:

Day 1-3

3 green sirt food juices a day
1 sirt food meal

Day 4-7

2 green sirt food juices a day
2 sirt food meals

After day 7 l enter the maintenance period where l have

1 green sirt food juice
3 sirt food meals

This helped me with better sleep, clearer skin, increased energy.

More information on types of sirt food green juice recipe in in the link below and what you can consume on this diet.

Green juice recipes and meal recipes follow the link below


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