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Adele Weight Loss (Diet That Led to 100 Pound Weight Loss)

Adele Weight Loss (Diet That Led to 100 Pound Weight Loss)

  • November 13, 2020
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Adele Weight Loss – Recently, Adele weight loss is all over topic talk by everyone in photographs, news, social media and other media. But are you aware of the secret behind this weight loss journey?

One of the best singer celebrities is Adele who reduced her weight by 22 kilograms who never fails to impress her millions of audience with her beautiful voice and look. She has been following the sirtfood diet plan which results to reduce the body weight by 22 kilos.

Adele Weight Loss

Adele Weight Loss

Adele Weight Loss

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Loose body weight with impressive body shape is main significance of the sirtfood diet plan. Adele avoids her snaking habits and she focused on her Carbs intake amount. Though she loved tea she cut of tea and sugar from her daily food routine to stick with well planned weight loss plan. She shared some more secrets about her weight loss plan like:

‘Now, I don’t drink tea which is my favourite which is I used to drink with 20 sugars a day. But now, I don’t it anymore and the results are in front of you. When I was too fat with my belly fat, I used to cry.

But with the help of Sirtfood diet I reduced my weight by 22 kgs. That means I sweat right now without crying. The diet plan helps to tone up your body muscles with you desire and great body shape, so you have to start this plan if you really eager to lose your body weight.’

What do you know about the Sirtfood diet?

The popularised diet plan which is known by the name of sirtfood diet is consisting of some special foods which activate the certain chains of proteins which are termed as sirtuins.  The diet helps to boost the metabolism of the body and it regulates inflammation of body results into the burning and loss of body fat.

Under a week, with the help of the sirtfood diet plan with well scheduled, it reduce nearly about seven pounds that means 3 kilos of weight of person.

The diet name sound some complex with scientific strategy but it encourages you to add some best and healthy food ingredients and indulgent foods also which are commonly found in your kitchen also.

But you need to stick with your perfect diet though it is considered as fad or restrictive to foodie mood swings. This diet restricts your all food intake. And the main important point of this diet is that is not long term diet plan because you need to sustainable with effective workout strategy.

Which food can you intake in the Sirtfood diet?

The high sirtuins activators are the red wine and dark chocolate but don’t think that it involves in this diet plan. This diet plan is main focused on the healthy foods or fruits only like apples, blueberries, parsley citrus fruits, green tea capers, soy, turmeric, red onion, strawberries olive oil and etc.

One of the interesting facts about the ingredient is Coffee. In Japan and Italy, already higher number of people daily consumed the high amount the sirtfood which results that they regularly ranked the position of healthier countries of the globe.

What is the Sirtfood diet plan?

If you really want to lose the body weight then you not only follow the plan you need to restrict with healthy food with best exercise.

Let’s talk how one can follow this diet plan. In the first week of plan, you need to intake three sirtfood juices of 1000 calories per day with sirtfood rice meal. After one week, in the following week you need to intake 1500 calories per day with two sirtfood juices as well as two sirtfood rich meals.

If you want to this diet plan for long time then there is no well planned schedule, you just need to intake the rich sirtfood which helps to reduce your body weight which feels you energetic and healthier too.

Who follows this diet plan?

Number of celebrity including Adele, Lorraine Pascale, Sir Ben Ainslie and Jodie Kidd followed this plan which results to impress their fans with beautiful soul with body shape.

How to make the sirtfood?

If you want to try for this diet plan to reduce the weight then you can cook this meal or juice. You can refer on e of the best book which includes the best recipe plans about sirtfood diet which is written by Glen Matten and Aidan Goggins under the name of ‘The Sirtfood Diet book’.

The Sirtfood juice:

The book advice is that you need to intake 3 juices with 1 sirtfood rich mean for the first three days of diet week. For next four days you need to intake 2 juices with 2 meals. The ingredients of this juice are as:

You need to take kale of 75 grams, rocket of 30 grams and mix these greens as juice. Now, you have to rejoice this mixture with leafy vegetables or with flat-leaf parsley of 5 grams or very small handful.

Now, juice the leaves of green celery of 150 grams with apple of medium size or half of green colour. Then add half of lemon juice to make it stronger and healthier juice. At this stage, you have around 250 ml of juice which ready to serve by adding half level of tablespoon of green tea.

By adding matcha green tea and pour into a small glass. You need to stir the mixture with spin or fork. Now, your juice is ready to drink. According to taste, you need to top up with pure water and feel free to drink it.

Sirtfood bites:

You can also cook the sirtfood bites by using walnut, dark chocolate, turmeric, olive oil, water and etc. You need to make these bites nearly about to 15-20. You can store them in your fridge upto one week. You can shape these bites like balls or any other as you like.


The revolutionary plan for weight loss and healthier body with great muscle tone and beautiful look or shape is the sirtfood diet which includes all kitchen items. Minus of chopping leafy vegetables, you need to intake the leaves by making juices which are healthier.

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