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9 Mediterranean Diet Food Bloggers and Influencers to Follow

9 Mediterranean Diet Food Bloggers and Influencers to Follow

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If there’s any diet that won’t ever go out of style, it’s the Mediterranean diet. That’s largely because the Mediterranean diet is much more than just a diet—it’s a lifestyle.

People who live in Mediterranean countries are known to center their diets around fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and other healthful foods. They also include exercise as a substantial portion of their days and spend ample time with their friends and family. Known for its beneficial effects on heart health, protective properties against chronic disease, cognitive function and brain health, diabetes, and arthritis, the Mediterranean diet may be one of the healthiest diets to exist.

In fact, it’s consistently ranked as a top overall diet by U.S. News and World Report, and was listed as the Best Diet Overall for 2020.

To learn more about the Mediterranean diet, we rounded up some of the best Mediterranean diet bloggers to ask why they live the Mediterranean lifestyle and how you can do it, too. 

Suzy Karadsheh shares simple, healthy and—perhaps most importantly—delicious and satisfying recipes on her blog, The Mediterranean Dish. Her wide range of recipe types include classic meat and potato dishes, soups, hummus and sauces, dips, homemade pita bread, kabob variations, and more. 

“I was born and raised blocks away from the Mediterranean shores, and eating the Mediterranean way is all I know,” Karadsheh says. “While many ‘diets’ in the common sense of the word are rooted in deprivation, the Mediterranean diet is a very sensible, joyful way of eating that celebrates wholesome foods, while keeping a strong focus on big flavor, sharing with loved ones, and the pleasure of the table.”

Karadsheh also has a helpful hub of Mediterranean lifestyle information right on her blog. Browse recipe archives, as well as tips for getting started on the Mediterranean diet and how to make the most of it. She also sells original Mediterranean spice mixes and ingredients through her digital storefront.

Follow @themediterraneandish on Instagram.

How Does the Mediterranean Diet Compare to Other Diets?

Lemon and Olives was created by Kenton and Jane Kotsiris, a lively married couple who has collected hundreds of Mediterranean recipes. Some of those recipes come from Kenton’s Greek family, while others arise from their travels to Greece and inspiration from other chefs. 

One thing to really love about Lemon and Olives is that they title all of their recipes with the traditional Greek and also translate it into English. For example, on Lemon and Olives, you’ll learn that a lemon sponge cake is called “pantespani” and that Greek phyllo meat pie is called “kreatopita” (the miniature versions are called “kreatopetes”). To top off the impressive recipe collection, Lemon and Olives also features helpful (and mouthwatering) cooking videos.

 In addition to their many recipes, Kenton and Jane also share information on the Mediterranean lifestyle, Greek culture, travel, coffee and interesting tidbits about the Greek lifestyle, such as Ouzo, the famous Greek aperitif.

Lemon and Olives is also a shop with adorable Greek-inspired coffee mugs and other goodies. 

Follow @lemonandolives on Instagram.

10 Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes That Won’t Break the Bank

At Eat Yourself Greek, Eugenia Makrogianneli shares Mediterranean recipes with a focus on collecting family recipes and believes “food and drink in Greece are the essence of your being; it’s the social manna of all interaction.” 

That is to say: In Mediterranean countries, food is more than food. That’s why there is so much attention given to it—sourcing fresh ingredients, incorporating flavorful spices, and utilizing locally-grown ingredients are all backbones of Mediterranean culture. 

Makrogianneli, who’s been blogging at Eat Yourself Greek since 2014, has won multiple awards for her recipe development, including an editor’s choice and audience choice award in the prestigious Greek food magazine Vima Gourmet

Follow @eatyourselfgreek on Instagram.

What to Expect on the Mediterranean Diet

Makos Efthimis was born and raised in Crete, a Greek island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. His Mediterranean diet blog, The Hungry Bites, features a vast collection of Mediterranean desserts, breads, side dishes, appetizers, lunches and dinners. His recipes range from simple and well-known types of food—such as this easy cucumber salad recipe—to the more cultured and complex, such as this recipe for salted cured egg yolks.

“What made me appreciate the Mediterranean lifestyle from a very young age was seeing the people use local, fresh and seasonal ingredients in their everyday diet with an emphasis in vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes,” Efthimis says.

“I believe it’s important to understand that the Mediterranean diet is not another trend. It’s a lifestyle that exists for many years now and numerous studies support the fact that it’s one of the healthiest diets in the world, associated with lower all-cause mortality and morbidity and numerous other health benefits.”

Follow @thehungrybites on Instagram.

Margarita Ribot was born in the Mediterranean and says her “best memories of home include food, family and friends around a table—the Mediterranean way.”

Ribot is a nutrition and health coach, and encourages her clients and readers to follow the Mediterranean lifestyle through her blog Tasty Mediterraneo and her social media platforms.

On her blog, Ribot shares Mediterranean recipes in the following categories: breakfast, brunch, appetizers, main dish, dessert, drinks, vegan and gluten-free. Her robust collection of recipes runs the gamut in terms of flavor profile, so there’s something for everyone. Ribot also runs the Tasty Mediterraneo podcast, which you can subscribe to on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

Follow @tastymediterraneo on Instagram.

Zena Hassoun, of Zen and Zaatar, is a vegan Mediterranean blogger who shares “simple, healthy, and Mediterranean-inspired vegan recipes that anyone could fall in love with.”

Her recipes will really hit the spot if you’re looking for delicious meals that look, taste and seem fancy, but really only took a few minutes to whip up. 

Recipe names like One-Pot Cheesy Vegan Quinoa With Broccoli and The Perfect Chickpea Omelet With Avocado Pesto (Vegan) will have your mouth watering before you even pull out the ingredients.

On her blog, she shares Mediterranean-inspired recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks and appetizers. She also offers a free seven-day vegan meal plan for people interested in a Mediterranean vegan diet. 

Follow @zenandzaatar on Instagram.

Healthy Meals for the Week: Recipes, Tips & Meal Plans

Elena Paravantes, who was raised on the Mediterranean lifestyle and diet from birth, blogs about all things Mediterranean over at Olive Tomato. She provides useful information on what Greek people eat, when they eat and precisely how to follow the Mediterranean diet

“As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I also have a professional interest in this diet,” Paravantes says. “The Mediterranean diet is the most extensively studied diet that has proven beneficial.”

Paravantes encourages others to follow the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle for many reasons: “First and foremost is the delicious food,” she says, adding that she explains to her audience that the Mediterranean diet isn’t like other diets, in the sense that the Mediterranean diet is based on traditional eating habits and food availability in the region.

Follow @greekdiet on Instagram.

Pros and Cons of the Mediterranean Diet

Diane Kochilas is a well-known, award-winning Mediterranean blogger and host of My Greek Table, a traveling cooking show that features Greek and Mediterranean food, wine, history and culture. 

Kochilas has also written nearly 20 books on Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, consults with top chefs, and teaches cooking classes at some of the most prominent culinary schools around the world. 

On her website, Kochilas regularly shares new Mediterranean recipes and on her blog, she shares news, tips and culture articles about the Mediterranean lifestyle. With an impressive selection of recipes and resources, Diane Kochilas’s blog is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.

Follow @dianekochilas on Instagram.

Getting Started With the Mediterranean Diet

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