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70+ Healthy Low-carb Desserts – Diet Doctor

70+ Healthy Low-carb Desserts – Diet Doctor

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Low-carb desserts

Popular low-carb desserts

  1. Quick & easy
  2. Sweeteners
  3. Chocolate
  4. Baked goods
  5. Dairy-free

Whether it’s chocolate, fruit, or baked goods that you crave, our low-carb dessert recipes provide a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Let us show you how sugar-free, low-carb desserts can also taste amazing without sending your blood glucose on a roller coaster.

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Our latest low-carb desserts

Healthy, simple low-carb desserts

Healthy recipes can be quick and easy as well. Check out our desserts made with fewer than five ingredients. The best part? Most of those ingredients are probably already in your kitchen.

Low-carb chocolate mousse

Ready in 10 minutes, dairy-free, and delightful! Try our creamy mousse, and you’ll feel good about indulging.

Low-carb pavlova with fresh berries

Got eggs, cream, sweetener, and berries? Use them to make this gorgeous, fresh dessert that tastes even better than it looks.

Whipped dairy-free low-carb coffee

A single-serving luscious coffee treat that makes it easy to pass up the dessert tray.

Kristie’s lemon cheesecake fluff

A creamy, lemony fluff topped with juicy, ripe berries that’s ready to enjoy in less than 10 minutes? Yes, please.

Low-carb sweeteners for desserts

We offerrecipeswithnatural ingredientslike low-carb fruits, berries, cream, butter, cheese, dark chocolate, and coconut. If you want low-carbdairy-freedesserts, we’ve got that, too.

Our healthy low-carb desserts are often sweetened with fruit, erythritol, or one of our other approved sweeteners. 1 You can usually substitute your preferred granulated sweetener in any of our recipes that call for erythritol.

If you have diabetes or another metabolic disorder, testing blood glucose before and after using sweeteners will help you to know whether a sweetener is right for you.



1-minute videos

Sugar-free chocolate desserts

Chocolatecan have a place in a low-carb diet. When baking chocolate desserts, some recommended options include using a store-bought sugar-free chocolate,2dark chocolate with85%or higher cocoa, or unsweetened cocoa powder combined with your own sweetener.

Once you’ve chosen your chocolate, then you can choose from one of our delectable low-carb chocolate desserts. You won’t be sorry!

Salty chocolate treat

Salty and sweet is always a treat! These perfectly portioned candies are filled with nuts, coconut, and pumpkin seeds.

Sugar-free milk chocolate syrup

Drizzle our rich chocolate syrup over fresh fruit, whip it into fresh cream, or just enjoy a yummy spoonful after dinner.

Low-carb chocolate and peanut squares

Peanuts and chocolate make a tasty team in these decadent low-carb brownies.

Low-carb chocolate cake with Easter eggs

When it’s cake you crave, this low-carb cake is the perfect combination of simple ingredients and extraordinarily rich chocolate.

More chocolate desserts

Low-carb recipes for cookies, muffins, and cakes

If you find baking therapeutic, then unleash your inner baker and let the baking begin!

Low-carb blackberry cobbler

Berries in season? Then, consider it low-carb cobbler season! Sweet berries, crumb topping, and a dollop of cream make this cobbler a must-try.

Low-carb raspberry cheesecake swirl brownies

Fudgy brownie topped with cheesecake and swirled with raspberries and all of it low carb? Do we have your attention?

Low-carb strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream

Our tender strawberry cake with pillowy vanilla buttercream is almost too pretty to slice. One taste and you’ll be glad you did.

Low-carb chocolate and vanilla lamingtons

An Aussie favorite, low-carb chocolate and vanilla lamingtons will have you saying “G’day, mate!” as you savor every last crumb.

Dairy-free low-carb desserts

Dairy-free doesn’t mean living dessert-free. We’ve got dairy-free low-carb desserts to prove it!

Low-carb chocolate pudding

The textures and flavors of chocolate, orange, and raspberry are so creamy and rich that you’ll never know this sweet treat is dairy-free.

Low-carb popsicles

Refreshing fruit tucked into a low-carb dairy-free popsicle will have you longing for steaming hot summer days.

Pecan chocolate thins

Similar to chocolate bark, these crisp low-carb pecan chocolate thins are made with chocolate, vanilla, licorice powder, and chopped pecans.

Low-carb chocolate avocado truffles

Avocado makes these dairy-free truffles as rich and creamy as any non-low-carb truffle.

Low-carb banana waffles

Go bananas with our popular low-carb banana waffles — and make an extra batch for the freezer!

All dairy-free low-carb desserts

  1. Pure erythritol is about 70% as sweet as sugar. Often, granulated erythritol is blended with stevia or monk fruit to increase the sweetness. If using a blend, your product might taste sweeter. Start by using a bit less sweetener in our recipes and adjust as needed.

    When a recipe calls for a powdered sweetener, you can make your own by using a blender to powder granulated sweetener. Be sure to measure it in its powdered form after blending.

    When there’s liquid sweetener in one of our recipes, feel free to use the brand you prefer. If stevia seems bitter to you, try using a bit less. Also, look for brands made with 90% or higher stevioside since they tend to be less bitter.

  2. Sweetened with an approved sweetener.

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