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10 Weight Loss Diets in India Ranked from Worst to Best (IF vs Keto vs Others)

10 Weight Loss Diets in India Ranked from Worst to Best (IF vs Keto vs Others)

  • March 03, 2021
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Which is the best weight loss diet? Which is the best diet to cut the extra fat from the body? Popular weight loss diet ranked from worst to Best. Is Intermittent fasting a good weight loss diet? Is ketogenic diet healthy?

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The weight loss industry comes up with a new diet every now and then. With so many weight loss diets out there to choose the best one for you could be challenging. But don’t worry. To make things simple for you I went deep into all the popular weight loss diets and have ranked them from worst to best. So which is the best diet for weight loss or rather fat loss. Let us find out. I will also share with you what diet I follow to stay in shape. On the basis of practicality, effectiveness, health and pricing, I have categorised all the popular weight loss diets into 3 categories.

00:42 – CATEGORY #1 – Weight Loss Diets Ranked from Worst to Best. These diets aim at short term rapid weight loss. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call them punishment rather than a diet. But these appeal to people as they promise substantial weight loss in as little as 1 week.
01:39 – CATEGORY #2 – These diets are extremely popular and people swear by their effectiveness. However, the problem with these diets is that they are highly restrictive. They either miss out on any one major macronutrient or stress too much on another macronutrient.
03:50 – DISHONOURABLE MENTIONS – The dishonourable mentions include all those diets which deprive you of food or make you eat only one type of food. These diets are a strict no no.
04:12 – CATEGORY #3 – This category includes the best diets in my opinion. They not only promote sure shot fat loss but also improve the muscle density and overall health.


Rock Salt –
A2 Cow Ghee –
Semi Brown Rice –
Millets –
Multigrain Flour –
Jaggery Powder –
Copper Jug –

Best Shampoo –
Best Face wash –
Best Deodorant –
Best Sunscreen –
Best Face Cream –
Best Breakfast –
Best Instant Noodles –
Best Biscuits –

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Mic –


Copper Jug that I recommend –
Brass Kadhai that I recommend –
Water bottle that I use –
Gram Flour to prepare Chilla –
Semi Brown Rice that I use –
Multi grain Atta that I have used –
Bhuna Chana –
Rock Salt –
Black salt –
Jaggery –
Stevia –
Honey –
Millets –
Oats –
Brown Rice –
Peanuts –


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I wish you good health.

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